Being attracted to older women


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Why do some men prefer older women By M. Farouk RadwanMSc. Attraction psychology. Understanding human behaviour for any uncommon human behaviour there is usually the explanation you get from the person who does it and the real motive behind it. Why do some men prefer older women Put in mind that i am not talking about a special case where a man loved a woman then discovered that she being attracted to older women older than him but i am talking about men who mostly get attracted to women when they discover that they are older than them.

So why do some men prefer older women?

Men Confess Why They Find Older Women So Attractive

Here are some possible explanations: 1 In need of a mother figure: Human beings use love to satisfy their most important unmet needs. If a man being attracted to older women get enough nurturing from his mother or if his mother was absent in a way or another then he might start getting attracted to older women.

In such a case those men might get attracted to older women because they want someone to take care of them the same way they got used to 3 Raising their self esteem: Older women usually have less choices and as a result they become more devoted to their men.

This kind of devotion raises the self esteem of that man since the woman he is with idolizes him and showers him with attention. After all managing to attract someone from a parallel world can provide a strong Ego boost to most people. Book Category. Categories : Chronophilia Old age. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.


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See also. She felt like "ok he's young and dumb so let me just use him and talk to him anyway I want". I know I shouldn't have allowed those things to happen but I did I am not saying I didn't allow all this to happen. Had I been closer to her being attracted to older women and made more money we could have been together I get jealous of older men because they are more stable in their career, have life experience to deal with things like this, and most women want them, young and old.

I sometimes hate that I only check out women alot older than me.

11 Reasons Why Men 👨🏻👨🏿👨🏼👨🏽 Are Attracted to 💏 Older Women 👵🏼 ...

I just don't find too many women around my age that want me anyway because I am too nice plus I usually just feel more comfortable around an older sometimes much older women. No older woman wants a guy in his 20s or even early 30s unless she is just wanting a fling or a man she feels she can push around Ahhh here we go I sense some sarcastic insults coming I am such a low-quality person,especially since I don't have normal atttractions like most men that like em young and skinny.


I like them older and with padding. Guess I should apologize for that. There are a lot of single women in their 40's and above.

If that really is what you want, it is out there. Just to let you know, if you are looking for women who are much older, sex will be an issue. From what I hear, women in their 50's really aren't interested in sex anymore.

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Originally Posted by introspective1. Older women know themselves better than anybody, which helps them exude confidence. Having that poise, assurance, and certainty is extremely sexy and attractive! Men adore a confident woman who has her own routine, and isn't afraid to be herself around others.

"I'm Addicted To Dating Older Women... Much Older Women!" - My Strange Addiction

This sexy assertiveness is why men find older women attractive.

Being attracted to older women [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)