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It's on you to do that, nobody else. I wouldn't be surprised if she's told him some of your secrets already- including the fact that you have a crush on him. Yes, it is also possible she had bitchier reasons for doing so. Hang out with your other friends for a positive distraction. Letting a crush divide friendships is a bad idea, but if she can't see that, there's not much you can do. Crushes flirts and friends [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! My friend constantly flirts with my crush. What should I do? We crushes flirts and friends talk very often so he doesn't know I like him. In one of the classes, he sits next to my friend and I've noticed them talking and laughing to each other.

I saw him bringing her coffee in the morning sometimes or inviting her to lunch. The whole time my friend knew that I have a crush on this guy yet she continued to flirt with him. She's very sociable and flirty around all guys in general. She already has a boyfriend so I don't know if she likes my crush or not. One time, I told her that I think my crush likes her and only pays attention to her in class. I was hinting that she should back off of him because I really like crushes flirts and friends.

Since then, she pretended like we never had the conversation and continued to singles whatsapp with him.


She even sent me snapshots of their text convos and based on the texts, I can tell he really likes her. I'm really sad and I don't know what I should do in this situation. Please advise.


Thank you! He likes her, you back off, crushes flirts and friends. He's attracted to her. You can't blame her for that or make him unattracted to her. If you want to tell her she hurt your feelings, that's fine but you can't call "dibs" on another human being. I advise you get over the crush. She even sent me snapshots of their text convos she did this after you hinted to her that you really like him so she's either trying to convey dude, he's not interested in you or she's just being a bitch.

Hey, maybe it's both! In her defense, you didn't have an open conversation where you spoke directly about this -- you just hinted instead. If this guy is sitting next to someone else, bringing her coffee in the morning and inviting her to lunch, he is trying to woo her away from her current boyfriend.

She is enjoying the attention. There is no room for you here. Move on and crush on someone else: to do anything else will lead to heartbreak and drama. There really is nothing you can do. You don't get to call dibs on people. If that was your goal telling her she crushes flirts and friends him was possibly the worst thing you could do. I would take it as a statement of support.

That you want me to go out with that person not a statement of warning. Tell your friend you like him. Expect her not to back off. You also need to decide if you are going to compete with her and are willing to lose a friend in a situation where in my view you would be in the wrong. She has claim she's acted and crushes flirts and friends only thought about him and your warnings were unclear. Edit: I just noticed the boyfriend thing. Its appropriate to compete but she doesn't have to make way for you.

Some people don't like gaps between SO's and there is nothing wrong with that. Its not my style but there is really nothing wrong with that. This sounds like the start of some really petty drama.

I'd advise removing yourself from it. In an ideal world your friend, already having a boyfriend of her own, might offer to set you up with him, but that isn't happening.

Maybe she's unhappy with her boyfriend and is fishing for a new relationship before she ends the current one because hw 2 flirt doesn't want to be single. Maybe she has low self-esteem and the idea of flirting with your crush and sharing it with you makes her feel better about herself because she's getting the attention that you secretly want from him. But ultimately, her motives don't matter. You can't control her behavior or his.

You need to decide - can you still be friends with your friend after this type of behavior, or not? If not, just gradually distance yourself from her and move on. College is all about exploring and making new friends - so drop her and find someone new to hang out with if that's what you need to do. Also, she's not your friend. She seems twisted. I can't imagine ever treating my girlfriends like that. Make better friends, real friends. You don't own people you have a crush on.

Next time perhaps you could try talking yourself to someone who interests you. Also, if this is the same friend you've posted about before, looks like being very sympathetic, versus jokey and lighthearted, isn't her thing.

Lose her or recognize and accept she's not ever going to opt to be terribly supportive. Don't hint, crushes flirts and friends explicit. If you want friendships that where y'all don't pounce on each others crushes, the only way to do that is too say so. Since this situation is a bit emotional and awkward, try to communicate with both your best friend and your crush.

The situation is easier to deal with immediately than if you try to push it away. Focus on boosting your self-esteem and making yourself happy.

Crushes, Flirts, And Friends

Do what you can to boost your mood and take care of yourself. Read a book to get them off your mind, treat yourself to a spa day at home, or start a new hobby, for example. Hang out with your other friends for a positive distraction. To keep your mind off your best friend and your crush, spend time with people that make you feel good. This can be other close friends, new acquaintances, or a new love interest.


What should you do if you liked someone first and your friend knows this but still goes after your crush? Karley Snyder. If your friend is going after your crush even though you told them how you feel already, explain to your friend that this upsets you.

Say something like, "It hurts me that you are still flirting with them even though I told you I wanted to ask them out. If your friend is still mean and hurtful, you may have to cut ties. Yes No.


Not Helpful 1 Helpful Don't be fake about it. Ask her directly and admit that you like your crush if she doesn't know already. You can ease into it by building a conversation to lead to the topic. For example, if your crush likes football, you can start talking about football and then bring him up. Not Helpful 16 Helpful What if your friend doesn't want to talk to you anymore after you free fitness dating her if she likes him?

Anyone who would do that sort of thing is not acting like a good friend. Letting a crush divide friendships is a bad idea, but if crushes flirts and friends can't see that, there's not much you can do. Not Helpful 25 Helpful If you explain your feelings to your friend and they are mean toward you, be nice and kind to them. I always assumed it was like that. You have competition!

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Crushes flirts and friends [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)