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Besides that, the aim of your love should me marrying your beloved. He will treat her with absolute love and care. Fathers want for their daughters a businessman. Your love makes you believe in the positive things of life. Dua to find love [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

For He is the Wise, well acquainted with all things. Therefore, a Muslim is to refrain from resorting to Black magic under any circumstance, as it is like relying on magic for the quality that is only attributed to Allah Almighty. It is replete with superstitions and acts of Dua to find love. A person must beware of this book and should not rely on it in order to protect his Aqidah creed against anything that may distort or affect it.

May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions. We can ask Allah to mend our relationship through these verses. It is :. Besides that, you will try everything to divert his mind towards you.

Beautiful Dua For LOVE ᴴᴰ - Very Powerful Supplication - Listen Everyday!

Moreover, it is possible to make him love you again with the help of dua for my boyfriend to love me. If you love someone or have feelings for someone then you want him to have the same feelings for you.

But it is not necessary that the person you love will also love you. You keep looking for the opportunities to get closer to him. But that day is not coming as he is not your common friend or classmates. You feel him like your boyfriend in your heart but he is unaware of it.

Is there any Dua to make Someone Love You ?

Then the chances of him loving you are very poor but you should not lose hope. You can make him love you if you try dua for my boyfriend to love me. Your dream dua to find love marrying your boyfriend can fulfill if he loves you. If your boyfriend loves you he will try to spend romantic time with you. He will certainly take you for an outing and will stand by your side.

He will take care of your feelings and will not do anything that makes you unhappy. If you are studying in anywhere then he will certainly pick or drop you. When you are enjoying so much with your boyfriend how you can accept his absence. You will try everything to win him back and the best way is to try dua for him to love me. If you are weeping alone in darkness then you should immediately stop this.


You should have trust in your true love that it will make your boyfriend love you again. Moreover, you should have faith in Allah that he will guide you in true manners. No can stop you from getting together with your boyfriend.

The dua for my boyfriend to love me will give you another chance to enjoy your love life.


Your boyfriend will not leave you alone after the effect of this dua. He lectures throughout the world and produces Islamic material via his website 14 Publications.

He is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Keep Reading. Ptissem Abourachid.

Islamic Dua To Get True Love Come Back – Taweez To Get Love Back

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Dua to find love [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)