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Jesus will equip you to win. Adrian Rogers answers your most frequently asked questions and troublesome issueswith prayer. In fact, every country in the world except for one has visited LWF. Are you striving for unattainable goals and never being fulfilled? Learn the five levels of communication today. Love worth finding outlines [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Read More I would like to download the new LWF app. Today's Audio. Six Keys to Answered Prayer John Wednesday's Audio. Monday's Audio. Questions and Answers About Prayer Philippians New to LWF? Read Their Story Donate Today. The blood of Jesus stains every page.

Be prepared Jesus could come back at any moment! What does happen at the rapture? Are you willing to pray with serious concentration — and see serious results? Are love worth finding outlines praying with power and confidence for your friends and loved ones? You can! Has life caved in on you? Learn practical steps you can take when tragedy comes. If you wanted a study of character, nobility, wisdom, courage, and devotion; you could not find a better man than David. At a revival in Florida God just really poured out a blessing at that meeting.

It was late on a Saturday night, and I was returning through the South Florida swamps on a road back in "the boondocks.

Without a good conscience you will not only wreck your ship but you'll lose the war! Marriage problems are rooted in poor communication.

Learn the five levels of communication today. Searching for the will of God? Learn practical steps to help you discover reddit chat rooms app answer. Think your situation is hopeless? Here are ten things to do when trouble comes. Christians often go through seasons of darkness.

How you treat your parents is a fairly accurate predictor of your success in life. God has removed His hedge of protection — what can we do to get it back?

Love worth finding outlines supplies our needs — not our greeds. How should we pray for our daily bread? Disillusioned with the whole holiday scene? Find peace, love, and hope this Christmas. Try as they might, there are three fundamental truths for your life that no school teacher or college professor can give you. You have a choice. If you truly mean business, you can have the wisdom you need.

Baffled by the mysteries in Revelation? John states the purpose of Revelation twice in the first chapter. Do you need assurance, stability, focus, comfort or hope? Where are your purpose and passion for God? Could they be waiting on your obedience? On your feet, soldier! Adrian Rogers preached this message 21 years ago, yet it rings as alarmingly true today as when it was first spoken.

Take a moment to read the 3rd chapter of 2 Timothy — just 17 verses — as we ponder…. In Part One of this message, Adrian Rogers spoke of the perilous days and end-time issues Paul describes in his second letter to Timothy.

Paul wants Timothy to be prepared — not caught off guard by difficult days ahead. Several years ago, however, he sat down with our friend, announcer Chris Fabry, for a chat about this season of giving thanks to God.

You will be blessed by these thoughts taken from their conversation. Chris Fabry continues a conversation about Thanksgiving with Adrian Rogers, recorded shortly before his home-going. If you are hurting and need help getting through this season, Dr. Rogers has some words of comfort for you. I'm sure the dollar in your pocket is real, but what about the faith in your heart? Are you well-grounded in the faith? All the great leaders of history are dead.

Only Jesus Christ conquered death and is alive! If we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, we should be praying from heaven to earth! God provides a vivid description of an apostate — so we can know one when we see one.

What is our role in our culture? Does God have something to say about our political leaders? What are His requirements? If you are willing, trouble will produce in your life benefits nothing else could bring about.

How does the problem arise?


Even the strongest Christian can battle depression—but God has made specific provision for us. The gun fires and you start out running. But you quit. Someone reading this article—it may be you—has failed the Lord, and you think perhaps God is finished with you.

Adrian Rogers: People God Uses #2406

What many may not realize is that we are already at war—an invisible, unseen war between light and darkness, good and evil. And Satan is our adversary. I believe we are living in the lengthening shadows of the last day. I believe Jesus Christ is coming love worth finding outlines, and one of the earmarks is persecution of the saints. We see it on TV, newscasts, and editorial pages.

No, God wants us to continue to proclaim the message of salvation. The messenger may be gone, but the message must continue. Millions still have not heard the precious name of Jesus or know His redeeming grace.


So our race is not over. We must still run—until Jesus comes. Our prayer is that you will join with us in running the race and in broadcasting the Good News that Jesus Christ is truly the greatest Love worth finding. About Adrian Rogers Known for his evangelistic zeal and uncompromising commitment to the Word of God, Adrian Rogers was one of the greatest preachers, respected Love worth finding outlines teachers, and Christian leaders of our time.

For over fifty years, he consistently presented the Good News of Jesus Christ with strong conviction, compassion,and integrity. He was a devoted family man — husband to his childhood sweetheart Joyce, father to four children, grandfather to nine, and great-grandfather to six. Of all his accomplishments, Dr. Rogers often said his greatest joy centered in his relationship to Jesus Christ, his wife and family, and the church he pastored.

Under his pastoral leadership, Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, grew from 9, members in to more than 29, at his retirement in Simply Stated.

Adrian Rogers: Five Minutes After Death [#2217]

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Love worth finding outlines [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)