Find a friends comment on facebook


Click that link to view the comment. Twitter is making similar efforts ahead of the company's IPO; the company is expected to file its public IPO papers as soon as this week. Facebook's search update is not yet available to all Graph Search users, according to a company spokesperson. On your own Facebook profile, click or tap Friends , then select your friend. Jacob Jan Tuinstra Find a friends comment on facebook [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Nobody would want all their friends to see what I and individual liked. I have a great aunt and I "like" her cat pictures. I do NOT want that to be shared with all my friends. Just an example. It is an obnoxious feature.

How to search posts, photos, videos someone likes on facebook (e.g posts name of the person likes)

Get ride of it. I do not want to see what my friend saw fit just to say something like "like" on my page but Facebook thinks it is so I get it. I want to like comments ,but if I press like it shows unlike quite upsetting. How helpful was this answer? Ad Choices. Create Ad.


You may have to scroll down to see it. This opens a list of all photos on which your friend has left a comment. Click or tap a photo to view its comments.

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Is this article up to date? Yes No. So I click on the comments, only to find out there are about 30, of them. There is no way I'm finding my friend's comment in there. So why did Facebook even bother to notify me? Or am I missing something Go to the page of the link you wish to analyze the comments for not your News Feed, the page's Timeline, or anything else. This can be done by clicking on the timestamp of the post.

Facebook Graph Search Now Lets You Find Comments, Posts

The URI of the page should be in this format. Note the postID part. It should be all numbers. If there are any extra characters such as? Ensure that the dropdown menu says GET. Beside that menu, there is a box containing your user ID along with some parameters.

Facebook activity tracker? How to track someone's activity on Facebook

Replace the contents of that box with the post ID you just copied. Click comments in the connections group.


This tells the graph API that you only want to see the comments associated with this node along with the ID, which is returned with every request. Underneath commentsyou can click sub-options for this field by choosing from an indented dropdown list:. For simplicity, let's just select three fields: limitfromand message. You may play around with the other options if you wish it's certainly a very interesting tool!

Resubmit the form. Note that the results find a friends comment on facebook now shows ten comments associated with the node aka the shared link, or the "graph item".

To show more than ten comments, change the parameter number inside the brackets of the limit field. I wouldn't recommend going overmaybe less if you're on a slower connection.

To show the next y comments, add.

Find a friends comment on facebook [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)