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Insert a link to a new page. Season 1. Did you ever have a moment when a celebrity got excited meeting you? Whitest kids u know dating game [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

This sketch stunned the Fuse executives into silence the first time they saw it. They didn't know they had a studio. Most of the Whitest Kids' girlfriends aren't fans of this sketch. Everything that the Whitest Kids say at the end of this sketch should not be taken seriously. The baby boomer generation really is evil and needs to be stopped. If You Think. Birds and Bees. Ghost Tea Bag. Girl Sympathy. Ghost Tea Bag 2. You're Peeing On My Leg. John Wilkes Booth.

And it stuck. The first sketch we wrote together was about the TV show Survivor. And it was terrible. Lol, such a good whitest kids u know dating game, casual wednesday morning, "Lets head down to the subway and do so free-style rapping. Yeah, I literally almost died. I ate nothing but ramen for a year and my triglycerides sp? What would you say is your favorite skit from WKUK? I see your tweets sometimes about you and some of the gang doing a show together.

How often do all 5 of you get together? Zach, Sam and I hang out regularly because we live in the same city. We write all the time and are developing some things. Darren goes on tour with me a lot. Timmy lives in South Dakota so I dont see him much.


Eat shit Collin. Poop office meeting was one of the first skits I seen. And I remember trying to tell it back to a friend and I was just laughing throughout.

They didn't laugh. It walks the line of clever and stupid so well. Who's idea was this sketch and what was the initial reaction?

WKUK - Dating Game

I think it was mine. We used to do it live and it was just a mess. When we went to Fuse, they built us this awesome rocket ship set where we were all suspended 10 feet in the air to get the effect. We only had 1 take to do it in because it would ruin the set. That's amazing! Yeah I could tell it whitest kids u know dating game one take because Timmy briefly breaks character, and also how wrecked the set was. I think that's awesome.

I was over at Zach's the other day and he found the original old shirt. He'd kept it. Is there any WKUK sketch that you think is really underrated--one that really cracked you up, that you were surprised didn't become one of your big, well-known bits?

Also, sic semper tyrannis. Barf Museum always made me laugh because of how dark the ending is. Same with 'Hunting Accident'. I loved the commentary from the early seasons. The one where you guys just made fun of Zack when he was late, that was awesome. Hey Trevor! I've been wondering this for a while. A good amount.

Season 1/Episode 5

I had to talk to the ACLU to see whitest kids u know dating game it was technically legal before we put it on the air. There's actually a huge Supreme Court Case involving it right now. Where a guy copied the words from it but substituted his ex-gf for the president and he got arrested.

It's crazy. It's been driving me nuts for years. Did Timmy actually create that one cowboy sketch, or do you guys just like to fuck with him that much? I know that you are a fan of Monty Python. On that note, which sketch or sketches would you say is your favourite? Which was most influential for you? The architect sketch was always my favorite.

I read somewhere that you were originally cast as Sawyer on lost but left to direct First Daughter, do you ever regret this decision? Out of curiosity, do you ever get tired of people constantly reciting old WKUK stuff? Is there ever a time when it's refreshing to know it's still survives the test of time or does the dullness just overpower that? I drank too much during the filming of that and the rest of the guys made me switch to ice tea for the rest of the shoot because I was getting snippy.

Your stand-up bit on This is Not Happening was awesome.

WKUK Dating Game (LIVE)

High in Church seems to be more musical comedy though. Will you be doing more stand-up in the future or is High in Church a hybrid between music and stand-up? If you decide to tour, please come to the Southeast, preferably around Knoxville, TN. We aren't all bad, promise. I'd love to play Knoxville! The special has me telling some stories between the songs, at least the extended cut does. When I tour it's a mix of stand up-ish kind of things, sketches and music. Hi Trevor I'm a huge fan and I've already bugged you about civil war on drugs, which is the best thing I've seen over times in my life.

I was just wondering if you have any idea when it will be available other than soon? We get the rights to all of our stuff next year. So we'll probably put out an entire collection! Can't believe whitest kids u know dating game mentioned the "Slow Jerk" skit yet.

How did the idea for this skit realize itself? It's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. We used to do this sketch live and it was never anything special. We were really surprised when the show aired and that was the first one to take off. In fact, the first time I got recognized from the show was a day or two after it aired, some guy at the end of the bar just started doing the 'slow jerk motion' and pointing at me.

And I was confused - because I really didn't think much of that sketch at all. Dude, that sounds like my nightmare. Finally meet you, try to make an inside joke, and now one of my heroes think I want to give him a handjob. Hey, Trevor. Big fan. Did I leave my phone charger in your car? I can't find it and it's not at Sam's.

Hi Trevor, I'm a huge fan. What's it like working find my friends cheating spouse the people in the cameos? Any funny stories to tell? Well I was super nervous to meet Dave Foley because he was a hero of mine. He was super nice. Then when he was leaving I went to give him a hug instead of a handshake and I felt stupid.

He was awesome though! I would be nervous too. The Kids in the Hall broke such ground. Timmy's line "I want to fuck you in the face" is one of the top five Season 1 quotes. Darren's wife Rachel thinks this sketch is absolutely disgusting. Birds and Bees Dad tells his son about the gross facts of life. Son: Timmy Dad: Trevor. The very first non-live sketch the troupe shot for the TV show.

Ghost Tea Bag 1 Zach goes to a spirit medium wondering if he'll get a promotion, and instead finds out he's being teabagged by ghosts. Himself: Zach Medium: Darren. The wig Darren's wearing makes his character look like Joe Perry who coincidentally appeared alongside Zach in an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street.

Girl Sympathy A group of women evoke sympathy from each other by talking about their feminine issues. Women: WKUK in drag. Ghost Tea Bag 2 The medium's prediction of Zach's promotion comes true. Jim Bust - Fart - Timmy and Trevor and the janitor walk into Jim's office just so they can torture Jim with their farts.

Mountain of Chairs - year-old Timmy's parents Zach, Sam trust him enough to leave him alone on his birthday, but won't let him live on a mountain of chairs. The Dinosaur Rap - Trevor stars in a rap video about getting high with dinosaurs.

Black Doctor - It takes a racist-sounding "fish out of water" story for a television pitch to go well -- or so Zach thinks. Fart Dinner - At a restaurant, Trevor pretends to have gas.

String Pull - At a dinner date, Sam pulls a very long piece of string out of his teeth, which is attached to his organs. Watching Ninja - Two peeping toms Darren, Timmy watch a lady stripping from a window, and accidentally cause a killing spree to happen. The Never Song - Trevor sings a kids' song about how to stay out of trouble. Be A Cop - A recruitment trailer to join the trigger-happy police force. Timmy walks off the set in anger. Feeler Doc - A doctor Trevor has an immense fear of touching a patient's Zach lumpy testicle.

Instant Karma Bigot - For every racial slur, Zach gets what's coming to him. Weird - At a gentleman's club, Trevor, Zach and Timmy learn what a stripper Darren will do for money. Joining the Army - Enthusiastic Trevor and Zach have a scenario in mind for what they'd do in the army. Guillotine Days - Before Marie Antoinette Timmy is beheaded, one of the executioners Trevor asks her to help him settle a bet with Darren. Rinse and repeat two more times.

Forever Puppies - A business that prevents cute puppies from turning into dogs. Mount Everest - A whitest kids u know dating game, four-act sketch about an adventurer Zach who is blackmailed by a crafty diamond thief Trevor. Reverse Psychology - Sam becomes annoying after learning about reverse psychology. Kicking Guy - Trevor learns why Darren is kicking Sam. Whale Tail - Billy's Trevor teacher Zach doesn't believe him about what he did over the summer.

Devil Gun - Billy's dad Trevor thinks his son looks amazing with a gun in his hand. Religious Cult - Trevor and Sam ponder about the religious cult they're in.

Aren't You Lucky - Trevor's song about God is sung in other countries. Manatee Finger Bang - The morose king Zach needs something special to please him. Captain Crunch Darren has the solution: a beautiful "mermaid" Sam. Office Head Explosion - Darren's co-workers Trevor, Sam, Zach mess with his head while he's asleep, and realize they have a special power.

Ninja School - No one showed up for the first day -- or did they? Our Label reddit chat rooms app Run by Homos - A record label signs a band with an unusual name. Falling Ladies - In a sketch that ends bloody, Zach alerts Sam and Trevor about something happening outside. Tar Toast 1 - A Hollywood screenwriter tries an unusual hors d'ouerve at a party. Successful Relationship - Harold's Trevor volatile relationship with his wife Sam is the basis for the how-to book he's writing.

Tar Toast 2 - The screenwriter has to pitch his new idea to the very same person who tricked him into eating street tar. Drunk Dad - Susie's dad Online dating clearance id comes home hammered during her birthday party. Boiler Room - Repairman Clark Trevor has little sympathy for the yacht passengers in danger. Driving Instructor - Audio sketch: a driving instructor gets friendly with his student.

Marijuana To Go - A commercial ends before it even starts. Alzheimer's - Sammy Sam messes with his grandma Darren. Auto Erotic - Trevor quickly regrets the way he died; God gives him a second chance at the wrong time, whitest kids u know dating game.

Bear Problems - The president's press secretary Trevor hosts a conference about bears on the moon. Invincible Kid - Blackout: Trevor gives a pep talk to a kid. Business Battle - Jenkins Zach is warned by his war-hungry boss Trevor that there's a sniper on the roof of the building across the street.


Dogs Love Boobs! Greatest Conductor - An armless conductor Zach conducts with his feet. Alcoholic Husband - A woman Elizabeth Bocs continually catches her husband Sam drinking beer in different ways. Office Insubordination - Zach and Sam have a better relationship with the boss Timmy than newbie Darren does. Cloud Watching - Sam and Trevor look at cloud formations. Video Time Capsule for the Year - Capitalism still reigns. Blind Guys - For blind stand-up comedians Darren, Trevortelling jokes is never routine.

Whirlpool - Gordon Trevor and Candice Zach get caught in a whirlpool … and an argument. Line Leader - At school, newly appointed line leader Ryan Sam prepares his battalion for an epic fight with the fifth-graders.


Dolphin Song - A guitarist Zach tries to integrate his pet dolphin Trevor into his act on an open mic night. Sonic Gets Mugged - Blackout. Zach Dating Karen - Zach breaks the fourth whitest kids u know dating game and asks the audience to settle arguments between him and his girlfriend Sam.

The Dinosaur Rap - The grand finale. Bible Stories - Luther B. Trevor promotes his own "cool" version of the Bible: a set of videos. Feline Delights - A seductive cat food ad. Dumb Newscast - In the midst of a Mall Bitches marathon, a music television newscaster Trevor reports on an alien abduction and Ozzfest. Little Rascals - In an homage to The Little RascalsTrevor and Sam make their way into a bar by disguising themselves as a tall person, and end up meeting another tall person Zach, Timmy.

Water Balloons - A young businessman Darren introduces water balloons to a quiet town in the Wild West. Hot Dog Timmy - Timmy is forced to explain his eating habits to his doctor.

Whitest kids u know dating game [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)