Dating during divorce in mississippi


For example, in Robinson, the parties separated, the husband moved out, and the wife filed suit for separate maintenance against her husband. Divorce is a psychologically traumatic event for anyone to experience. Adultery is generally defined as occurring when a married person has sexual relations with someone other than a spouse. If your new love interest has a criminal record or somewhat unsavory character, you could lose time or even custody of your children due to dating this individual. Ultimately, separate maintenance serves an important purpose and is an equitable remedy available to needy spouses in times of marital separation; albeit during periodic marital separation or while awaiting divorce. Dating during divorce in mississippi [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Adultery in Mississippi: Does Cheating Affect Alimony?

BridgesSo. So, the award cannot render the payor-spouse destitute or unable to meet his other obligations. Kennedy v. KennedySo. Ultimately, separate maintenance serves an important purpose and is an equitable remedy available to needy spouses in times of marital separation; albeit during periodic marital separation or while awaiting divorce.

Legal Separation in Mississippi FAQs

Nevertheless, it is important to hire of an experienced Mississippi family and divorce lawyer when seeking separate maintenance or defending against it. I have represented many dating during divorce in mississippi in separate maintenance actions. So, if you or a friend should need professional assistance in separate maintenance suit or any other family matter, please contact the Law Office of M.

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Dating During Divorce

mature amature women fucking Here is a list of reasons why you should avoid the temptation to date before you are completely divorced: Dating can negatively impact your spousal support and property division — dating could impact your divorce in a few ways, including financially.

If you plan to move in with your new partner, it can impact your receipt of spousal support and even property division. Further, dating while still married is a form of adultery in Mississippi and can be grounds for fault based divorce. You do not want to give your partner the ability to use this fault ground against you. Dating can negatively impact child custody — dating can become a factor in child custody determinations. Judges in Mississippi have quite a bit of latitude in making decisions about alimony.

They have to consider all the evidence and then dating during divorce in mississippi an order dating during divorce in mississippi takes into account the circumstances of the spouses and the nature of the case. The order has to be equitable and just meaning, fair and reasonableand it should be based on the following factors:. The purpose of alimony is not to punish a spouse who has been unfaithful, and it can't be used as a sanction for bad behavior, but the court must at least consider the facts about any marital misconduct or fault that has occurred, including adultery.

The only exception is if the court is awarding lump sum alimony, in which case fault can't be considered.


Fault is only a factor in periodic alimony cases. Just because adultery has occurred, however, doesn't mean that the judge has to rule against the unfaithful spouse. Even if there has been adultery, the judge is obligated to issue an alimony decision that's fair to both spouses.

Marital fault is just one of twelve factors, and the court must put it into perspective when deciding whether to award alimony, and if so, in what amount and for what duration. For example, if a spouse had an affair and depleted the marital savings account to buy lavish gifts for a lover, the court is dating during divorce in mississippi to weigh the adultery more heavily because of its impact on the spouses' finances.

The Risks Of Dating During Divorce — Attorney Bites

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Maintenance orders are designed to be temporary. A maintenance award is designed for the short-term and to help a needy spouse stay afloat financially during a temporary split.


You are still married even if a judge has issued a maintenance award. When a divorce is finalized, a maintenance award will have no effect and a divorce order will take its place.

Divorce orders should resolve every current and potential issue that may arise after your divorce. Your divorce order will divide debts, award assets, assign legal and physical custody of children and may award alimony on a permanent rather than a temporary basis.

Once you are divorced, your earnings and any property that you acquire are your own. Your ex-spouse has no rights to your assets earned following a divorce. For example, in one Mississippi case a couple separated and obtained a maintenance order at the time of their separation. Seven years later they determined they wanted to move forward with a divorce.

Dating during divorce in mississippi [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)