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Gibson hoped to score the same type of success that had occurred with Lloyd Loar in the s: redefining the acoustic guitar for generations to come. Duplicate of date: 14 carlos alfredo alvarez model serial source. A-2 This was available in brown, black or blonde finish. Larrivee serial numbers dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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The larrivee serial numbers dating face was veneered in black. There was a line of black inlay or ebony layer along the centerline of the back of the neck. Gibson discontinued the A-3 around In it appears that Gibson began to assemble A-2s with left-over blonde tops from A-3s. There are a few examples of A-2Zs with black tops, though this was probably used to cover some imperfection in the selected tops. A2-Zs were theoretically made during the Loar period ofbut only between and Similar to an A2 except for the top color: an orange top in the teens, and a white top refrigerator-top in the late teens and larrivee serial numbers dating twenties.

It was bound on the top, back, sides and around the fretboard. The grade of top wood was tighter grained. The birch sides and back were stained red. The headstock had a black wood face veneer. The centerline of the neck had the black inlay. For a period of time, this larrivee serial numbers dating the top of the line. The soundhole had an additional thick white purfling ring.

It also had a black veneered headstock front and back and a black inlay in the back of the neck. The hardshell case had a green or red silk lining. At the turn of the century, Orville Gibson was refining his notion of the superior mandolin: carved in the tradition of violins for greater volume and tone as well as comfort. The new design was thinner and much easier to handle and play. They were well suited for orchestral arrangements as well as individual play and accompaniment.

The Gibson Company was formed in late and the early mandolins evolved from the original Orville Gibson designs. During the period of to approximately the mandolins sported tailpiece covers with a curly top and reddit chat rooms app white labels with an image of Orville Gibson holding a lyre mandolin. Sometimes rarely the labels are easy to read: the model and serial numbers hand-printed in ink and sometimes the information was written in pencil and is now barely legible.

Occasionally the labels have fallen out or been removed during repairs making it a bit trickier to date the instruments.

The labels with an image of Orville Gibson are generally found on instruments with serial numbers below 10, If the serial number is legible the instrument can be relatively easy to date.

Factory numbers when the exist appear in pencil inside on the block where the neck meets the body. The early models had shallow neck sets and low bridges that increased in angle around with taller bridges. The current bridge height and neck angle was reached around These bridges had movable saddles up to about when they changed to a one-piece compensating bridge design through early Then Gibson developed the adjustable bridge.

Though it has gone through a number of refinements over the years, the basic design has not changed since. It appears that many mandolin owners of earlier models chose to upgrade their bridges to the fancy new adjustable models after It is, therefore, not unusual to find older mandolins with replacement bridges. In some cases there are no pickguards. The later pickguard clamps have a stamped patent date of July 4, Some early necks were cherry before Though there appear to be exceptions, necks between and are larrivee serial numbers dating mahogany.

Gibson developed the truss rod in This was adapted to the mandolin over the next few years. The introduction of a truss rod cover to the headstock caused the inlay patterns to adjust as well. During the period of through Gibson produced large numbers of mandolins. These appear to be the easiest to find and quite reasonable to buy.

The early models had shallow neck sets that increased in angle around It was the innovations of the Loar period: through that saw the introduction of the truss rod, adjustable bridges, bracing adjustments, thinning and grading of the tops and numerous other refinements to create the standards that are still used today. The decade following saw a change in finish from varnish to shinier lacquer. This is a headstock that tapers from narrow at the top to slightly larrivee serial numbers dating at the base the reverse of the traditional Gibson headstock shape.

The public seems to have favored this shape over time as it fetches better prices now. These can exist on any model numbers including the A-jr. The L-series is very difficult to properly identify and date as they were inconsistent in their appointments and the catalog descriptions do not always agree with the actual instruments produced. The Gibson LG series of flat-top guitars were developed as the natural evolution of the earlier L-Series. World War II changed many aspects of the guitar world, larrivee serial numbers dating.

Gibson had helped in the war effort and seen many employees japanese black dating sites. During the war years women played a greater role in manufacturing while young men were fighting overseas.

Materials and methods of production were reviewed and revised. The flood of returning soldiers with a broader world-view brought new musical tastes and new hopes for the future. Several other forces were at work for change:.

Introducedthese were designed as dual-purpose instruments. They could be strung with steel or nylon strings. Folk Jumbo Natural and Folk Martin introduced the large body dreadnaught in — It was bigger, bolder, and louder than anything Gibson had to offer. At the time, the Nick Lucas model was the largest flat-top Gibson offered. It took Gibson 2 years to develop their response: The Jumbo of The bass of this model will amaze you, and of course the clear brilliant treble is in perfect balance.

Jean Larrivee Interview at NAMM 2019.

Not many were sold and the production run was therefore limited to 2 years. Because there are few of these instruments around, little has been written about them, though some did find their way into the hands of influential artists of the day.

The sides and back were tinted mahogany with a sunburst red spruce top. There was some amber color. The was single bound, front and back with dot markers on the rosewood fretboard and a horizontal script logo inlay on the headstock. The larrivee serial numbers dating were simple white-black-white. The bridge were early simple rectangular with through-saddles. The tuners were individual. The bracing for the new larger models was X braced: there were 3 transverse tone bars between the braces — 1 more than the Martin — as Gibson experimented with bracing design heavy enough to support the large tops and light enough to be resonant and responsive.


Several cost-cutting measures existed between the Advanced Jumbo and the J including scalloped braces on the advanced Jumbo and not on the J Over time the J braces began to appear scalloped.

By the 3 tone bar system was reduced to 2 tone bars and the angle of the X braces change to approximately 95 degrees. This moved the X away from the soundhole a bit. Between andGibson only offered the sunburst finish.

According to the Gibson catalog, natural finish was the only option in but we are told that at least 2 examples exist of a cherry sunburst from the same period. Byeither natural or sunburst were available. A total of 2, Js were made according to Gibson records. The Advanced Jumbo has larrivee serial numbers dating described by some as the finest — no compromises — most powerful flat-top guitar Gibson ever designed and built.

Though it was discontinued inghana dating scams online last Advanced Jumbo left the Kalamazoo plant in The back and sides were Brazilian rosewood and the tops Adirondack red spruce.

Due to the plain marks on the bracing, it is believed that every top was tuned by the same Gibson employee. Worthy of mention is the Jumbo Deluxe, though it is believed that only larrivee serial numbers dating were ever made in They are essentially an Advanced Jumbo with minor compromises: they filled a gap between the J and the J They had dot markers on the fretboard and a moustache bridge with individual adjusters on each string.

The Jumbo 55 J was introduce in late and discontinued in Like the SJ of the same larrivee serial numbers dating, the J had a stair-step headstock that persisted for only 2 years. The pickguard was longer than earlier models and it had a moustache bridge though slightly smaller and less ornate than that used on the SJ The tuners were individual Kluson with amber buttons. The neck was a broad round profile single piece mahogany with a bound coffewood fretboard and dot markers.

In the fretboard became Brazilian rosewood. The bracing was revised to accommodate the moustache bridge and generally heavier than earlier models.

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The first Gibson J45 guitars were only slightly different from the discontinued J The back braces were tall and thin and Gibson scalloped the top braces. Sunburst was the only finish available for the J until much later as the sunburst finish can hide flaws in the wood; this was a significant advantage during WW2 when clear wood was being used for the war effort.

In a natural finish J was finally offered and given the designation: J Also, the first batch of Js had more binding both on the body and soundhole. The Southerner Jumbos were the most expensive flat-top guitars Gibson offered at the time. The concept behind the J was a high quality, affordable, big-sounding acoustic flat-top guitar. It worked. The Gibson Southerner Jumbo was introduced in and discontinued in It was reintroduced in limited editions in Mythology has it that the Southerner Jumbo was specifically targeted at the Southern market honoring rising Country music trends.

When it came out in it was the most expensive Gibson flat-top in the line. During two new models were introduced to the Gibson line-up to replace the J and J They were the J and the Southerner Jumbo. The appointments of the Southerner Jumbo included more top binding and an additional set of rosette rings.

The 1st year of the J actually had similar appointments but they were reduced and simplified for model clarity in The back and sides were still mahogany but the Southerner Jumbo had a dark wooden stripe separating the 2 back pieces.

The neck heal had a white plastic cap. The Gibson Super Jumbo first appeared in Western movies were tremendously popular and the singing cowboy heroes needed instruments as big and bold as untamed West. As a consequence, the details were grand in scale and the bindings high in contrast to look good in black and white on the silver screen. The soundboard was so large and the body larrivee serial numbers dating deep that the sound was immense.

The following versions evolved quickly to 14 frets clear of the body. Their records on older instruments are well known for not being particularly accurate on all build details - but I've seen that with other guitar companies as well. Originally Posted by hoopsfan. I had to contact them regaridng a P model, I was answered by a guy called Mike Kitchen the same day, giving me all and more information than I larrivee serial numbers dating asked them for, I replied with one further query, again it was answered the same day where they asked for some photographs to show to Mathew Larrivee himself and again they came back that same day dating app with system my answers.

I can't honestly say I've had equal or better service from any guitar manufacturer before or since. Given that this was all regarding an ebay purchase where there was no larrivee serial numbers dating for them as a company, larrivee serial numbers dating, I think it speaks volumes on how they do business.

I can't rate there customer service highly enough, but that's just my personal experience. The friend of mine who owns the guitar in question has tried repeatedly to find out when the guitar was built, but none of his emails to the company have been answered.

So I was asking here in hopes that somebody might dating app rating system how to decipher the serial number for him. I also sent Matthew an email about this yesterday, and I'm sure he'll get back to me eventually. But in the past he's sometimes been quick, sometimes not so quick.

I'm sure there's a direct correlation to how overworked he happens to be at any given time. I'll check the links that have been provided in this thread. Thanks for any and all help. Originally Posted by Wade Hampton. Find all posts by AZLiberty. Thanks Mark, LoMa and everyone else.

I just tried to write to get my manufacturing date and all the email came back as undelivered. Any suggestions?

Find all posts by dberch. Joe M. Give them a call at You might have to try several times to get a human to answer, took me three tries but eventually someone will.

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