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And just like people say "pop" or "soda" for a soft drink, there are tiny areas where words can get tricky. If I meet someone who won't look at me when they talk or bother signing to me, you can bet I'm not taking them anywhere near my bedroom. Yeah, you can use your imagination there. I've found that the whole concept of deafness just blows people's freaking minds. If you listen here at the mark , you'll hear a lovely woman's voice turned into the digitally synthesized voice of a bad guy on the N Dating a deaf girl reddit [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Many deaf people have an amazing skill of communicating even without spoken words or signing. Learning ASL is much like learning any other language, it can be frustrating at times but the rewards make it worth it. You would have an advantage online dating is destroying well by having someone to practice with frequently. In the meantime you can always carry some small notepad to share more important messages or ask how to sign something.

Douglas Stupid ass member. Joined Aug 17, Messages 14, Reaction score 2, This actually does sound very interesting, out of the ordinary, and fun. I know I didn't say that well, but what I mean is: Would the deaf divide come to dominate our interaction? Either someone who was only interested in fooling around with a deaf girl, or someone who couldn't deal with her deafness? I'd hate to leave any relationship with the other person thinking I was some kind of user or shallow ass.

I mention my fears only as things perhaps you should be sensitive dating a deaf girl reddit as you pursue this. All in all though, I think you should go for it. You'll learn something, for sure. Joined Mar 10, Messages 24, Reaction score 10, Has she actually said she doesn't speak audibly? It's not clear from your post whether she told you that or you're assuming. I once worked closely with a deaf client who did not use ASL.

It took some adjusting to get in the habit of always making sure we dating a deaf girl reddit face to face when we spoke to that he could read my lips, but it really wasn't a big deal. On your second point, I'd say just be honest.

If you're really not into her for any of the million reasons that could happen, and she chooses to believe dating a deaf girl reddit because she is deaf, that's her problem, not yours.

Have fun, and good luck. Joined Oct 4, Messages 1, Reaction score 6. No dating experience, though my uncle is deaf. He does not sign, he simply read lips and is VERY good at it. Also, he talks reasonably well, he just sounds very drunk since he slurs words. I've met some of his friends, and none had to rely on signing to communicate, all could verbalize, some better than others.

So, in my experience there's a good chance the pen and paper won't be necessary, excepting some extremely detailed topic or message. Report back on how it goes! Joined Jan 25, Messages Reaction score 1. I don't have any experience dating a deaf person, but my mother was a hearing-impaired teacher and I'm losing a good chunk of my hearing, so I've had experience with a lot of deaf friends and the things that have made my relationship with my fiancee easier.

If she's lip reading don't give in to the temptation to over enunciate. Be patient. Others have mentioned that sometimes it'll take a few tries to catch certain things, and the best thing you can do is work with her to make sure you can understand each other.

If you're speaking to her, face her. It sounds obvious, but you'd be shocked how often people forget to do that. My fiancee still forgets from time to time. That can make things way easier. I sometimes use my cell for the same thing when I can't hear well in an environment. If she's not facing you and you want to tell her something, gently tap her shoulder or place your hand on her arm to get her attention.

Generally speaking, deaf people are accustomed to touches like that to get their attention. I know I appreciate when my fiancee takes the time to get me facing her as opposed to just rattling off whatever she wants to say while I'm turned away.

You've obviously got a connection with this girl and that's what matters.

Deaf Twentysomething Women Get Real About Sex and Dating

To me, I had just revealed something huge, and I never knew how he felt about it. He ended up going back to an ex-girlfriend, and I know it was just that, but it was hard for me to not think it might've been something else.


Throughout my college years, I continued to back off and shy away from getting intimate with anyone. I'm not a vulnerable person, and revealing the feelings and emotions associated with my dating a deaf girl reddit loss is perhaps the most vulnerable I can get, so I continued to focus on school, friends, and my eventual move to Los Angeles.

Once I arrived in the city of dating a deaf girl reddit, the reality of the real world hit hard! Meeting people was challenging, let alone meeting someone in the romantic capacity. There were dates here and there, but bringing up the topic of your hearing loss is not exactly a first date dinner conversation. At least I didn't think it was. Then I met this guy, who I was, unfortunately, not attracted to, but was someone I could tell would be a close friend.

We connected right away, and it felt so nice to have made a genuine friend in LA outside of my GA friends that I already knew. As our friendship grew, our topics of conversation became deeper. Finally over a year into our friendship, I announced the details of my hearing loss, and he quickly realized what it meant for me to tell him that. I was super grateful to have someone that completely accepted it, asked me questions, and still had crush on me despite my 'weirdness'.

After some time, he started dating a girl and I was dropped from the picture. I was more heartbroken about how vulnerable I'd been with him than I was about losing the friendship.

5 Things I Love About My Deaf Boyfriend

Letting my guard down is not an easy thing, but I also realized that I finally felt a sort of contentment by exposing the details to a member of the opposite sex, which is perhaps why I came into this journey deciding it was time to be as open as possible. I've been on this adventure almost two months now, and since relationships are something I'm working on over the next year, I've decided that needs to involve new relationships, romantic and non.

Just a Hard of Hearing Girl Living in a (Hearing) Dating World

Or maybe they want to date us for a status symbol thing, like "Hey look at me and how cool or interesting I am because I have a deaf girlfriend" - which just makes me feel used. Not to mention it seems to be a poor basis for a relationship, because the "newness" of the person's difference wears off pretty quickly and then all you're left with is the stuff that people are normally attracted to, which may or may not be your thing in the end.

Long story short - being attracted to me solely because of my deafness makes me feel like a carnival attraction. We are not our disabilities. We are people. And I would only want to date someone who saw me as who I am as dating a deaf girl reddit person, and appreciated my deafness and all it entails as an afterthought, single thai ladies england a part of who I am.

It's different if it's just friendship and nothing more. I have no problem with someone wanting to be my friend because I am deaf and they find that fascinating and want to learn from me. Hey, whatever, you know? It's just when people seek more than friendship on the basis dating a deaf girl reddit deafness that it starts to get a little creepy and weird. That said, I'm sorry if you are hearing attracted to deaf and I have offended you. I mean no offense, I just wanted to maybe put my thoughts out for consideration on this topic.

I really do not mean to cause any drama. I wouldnt want someone to date me because they have a fetish for my hearing aids. That would make me a Hearing Aide whore? All kidding aside. Ildri New Member. That would make me a Hearing Aide whore. Lily7 said:. Before I lost most of my hearing, I was attracted to Deaf women because of the fact that I wanted to learn all I could about the deaf.

I learned that the deaf are really not much different from myself.


Mintee New Member. Mintee said:. I'm earmold fetish. I love the smeeeellll taking a deeep sniiiifffffffoh! Not a bad idea. May be a reason why some people who wear hearing aids would date people who wears hearing aids only. Not that I know anyone, but you never know. Rosewind Member. I know one of deaf late friends.

Dating a deaf girl reddit [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)