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With the world yet again being threatened, Stark joined the Avengers and helped defeat the Chitauri and Loki. Loki insisted that his army would overcome them with ease, so Stark then noted that they had a Hulk on their own side. Finishing his coffee, Stark then finally left his mansion and drove to the airport followed by his bodyguard Happy Hogan , who struggled to keep up with his boss who drove exceptionally fast. Tony stark dating profile [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Finally, the right arm and left leg arrive and Tony is able to use its repulsors and guns from the guards to fight his way free before the rest of the armor arrives.

Discovering Savin heading off in Iron Patriot, Tony tries to follow but discovers that the armor isn't charged enough. Meeting up with Rhodey, he helps take out two guards and confronts Slattery about where Pepper is. Slattery reveals what he knows including that the Vice President is involved somehow and where Killian's base is. As they have no way to get there, Tony and Rhodey take Slattery's speedboat and Tony calls the Vice President to warn him he may be in danger.

Savin manages to destroy Air Force One and send the President to Killian in the Iron Patriot armor, but Tony kills Savin and saves thirteen people from falling to their deaths before the Mark 42 is broken into its component pieces by mature nude women hit by a truck. Arriving at the location Slattery gave them, Tony orders J. The two end women seeking men elmira ny pinned down, but the rest of Tony's Iron Man armors, now the Iron Legion arrive to help, taking on the Extremis Soldiers.

Donning an armor, Tony goes to rescue Pepper while Rhodey heads off to rescue the President. Tony battles Killian in several armors, but each is destroyed and Pepper apparently falls to her death. Finally, the repaired Mark 42 arrives and Tony tries to put it on, but fails as it falls to pieces after hitting a pole. Desperate, Tony puts the armor on Killian and orders J. Killian survives the blast and attacks, but Tony is saved by Pepper who survived due to her Extremis powers.

The Mark VIII arrives and attacks Pepper due to her Extremis powers and Tony fails to stop the attack as he lost his earpiece, however, Pepper destroys the suit's Arc reactor, disabling it to Tony's shock. As Tony watches, Pepper kills Killian with a missile and a repulsor from the suit. Tony promises to help deal with Pepper's Extremis and orders J. Tony stark dating profile is able to stabilize Pepper's Extremis and as part of the new life he is building, undergoes surgery to have the shrapnel removed from his chest and as thanks to Harley, upgrades his workshop to match his own.

Afterwards, Tony pitches his now-obsolete arc reactor into the ocean, but muses that he will always be Iron Man even without the suits. Later, it was revealed that Tony was telling the story to Bruce Bannerwho fell asleep at the beginning of the story. Bruce wakes up and apologizes, Tony understands, but starts to tell a new story instead to Bruce.

This section is under development. Information will be placed here soon. Following the creation and destruction of Ultron which lead to the destruction of Sokovia after becoming Iron Man to combat HYDRA and Ultron despite previously retiring as an Avenger in the aftermath of the defeat of Ultron. Sometime after Pepper Potts left Tony due to the fact that he was still Iron Man despite his promise to stop. When the Sokovia Accords were due to be signed, Tony was in favour of them still haunted by his creation of Ultron and the loss of life that had occurred while noting that if the Avengers did not sign, they would be viewed as villains for continually defying international law.

When Rogers, Wilson and Barnes were tony stark dating profile arrested and brought to the JTCT headquarters, Tony managed to work out a tony stark dating profile with the United Nations to legalize their actions on the condition that they sign the Accords and obey the law.

Much to Tony's frustration, Rogers refused to compromise and stormed off leaving Tony as the leader of the Avengers. Tony managed to persuade Ross to delay the kill order for at least 36 hours to give Tony a chance to peacefully tony stark dating profile the situation. Romanoff pointed out to Tony that they were outnumbered by the renegade Avengers, Tony assured her they plenty of time to recruit people before flying off to the borough of Queens in New York City. Having deduced that the "Spider-Man" was in fact Peter Parker, Tony went to his apartment to wait for him to return from school where he passed the time by flirting with May Parker.

When Peter arrived, Stark persuaded him to trick his aunt into thinking that Peter had applied for a scholarship Stark was offering. Retreating to the young man's room, Stark was impressed by Peter's mechanical aptitude before finding his suit. Offering Peter a new one and joking to tell Aunt May about Peter's hobbyTony convinced the young man to aid him in Germany.

Donning the Mark 46Tony and his team confronted Rogers once again offering him a final chance to surrender peacefully lest lethal force be employed against his party for aiding a wanted criminal. Rogers refused to surrender, sparking the Clash of the Avengers.

Assigning targets to his team, Tony flew off to confront Maximoff and Barton stopping them in their tracks before Maximoff managed to pin him under several cars. Freeing himself, he caught up with his team after Ant-Man tony stark dating profile nearly killed them.

Recognizing the single mindedness tony stark dating profile drove Rogers, Tony was forced to call in Vision in the hope that the android's Mind Stone and logic could persuade the renegades to surrender.

Stark's gambit failed when Rogers again chose to fight. Tony briefly engaged Captain America in melee combat before Hawkeye fired an explosive arrow at his suit, doing no damage. Later engaged Falcon before Hawkeye fired a scatter arrow at the Avenger leader. Easily destroying the projectiles, Tony prepared to stun Clint before the left repulsor failed. Discovering Ant-Man had infiltrated his suit, he ejected him with the suit's fire extinguisher from hundreds of feet in the air.

Lang attacked Stark with an airplane wing, an attack the Mark 46 easily dodged, before Wilson fired the Redwing drone at Stark only for it to shatter on impact against the Mark Quickly checking on the youth, Tony told him to go home or he would call his aunt before flying off to catch the hijacked Quinjet backed up by War Machine.

The two armoured Avengers were pursued by Falcon and Rhodes ordered Vision to destroy Falcon's flight gear. The android miscalculated however and knocked out Rhodes' power source. Rhodes began falling from a great height and Tony was unable to catch him in time, tony stark dating profile. Tony vented his anger on Sam blasting him in the face with a repulsor and ending the fight.


At Avengers' Compound, Stark turned Rhodes over to the doctors before revealing to Romanoff he blamed her for Rhodes' accident by letting Rogers go and that T'Challa had informed the United Nations of her betrayal. When she insisted Stark was wrong, he scoffed at her biases towards Rogers before commenting that betraying people was the only thing Natasha was good at.

Annoyed that Rogers was correct, Stark sent the information to Ross before deciding to interrogate Sam Wilson. Although Ross did not believe Tony he allowed him to speak to the former Avenger.

While in the cells, Tony was mocked by Clint Barton who claimed everything was Tony's fault. Tony had zero patience for the man casually stating he should have thought his actions through before he did them, leaving the archer to stew in his cell. Scott Lang then attempted to insult Tony only for the billionaire to have no idea who Lang was or what he was talking about.

Stark then managed to convince Wilson to tell him where Rogers had gone before he left for Siberia, withholding the information to annoy Ross. Discovering that the five other Winter Soldiers were all dead, Zemo revealed himself stating that he had tony stark dating profile to lure Stark to the base after a year of planning as revenge against the Avengers for what happened in Sokovia. Here Zemo showed Stark tony stark dating profile Howard and Maria Stark had not perished in a car crash but had in fact been assassinated by Barnes.

Already enraged by the fallout of Rogers' actions, Tony snapped and attempted to murder Barnes. Tony tried to force Rogers into submission but the captain refused to stay down managing to damage the suit's left boot and its targeting system.

Trapping Rogers on a lower level, Tony attempted to target Barnes with a forearm missile. As he could not lock on, he opted to instead trap Barnes within the bunker. Overpowering the Winter Soldier in seconds, Tony tried to crush him under the Mark 46's weight before Rogers intervened sending the Avenger leader and his former teammate to main floor.

Stating in no uncertain terms that he was done real free dating sites uk to Rogers he proceeded to overpower his former friend before Barnes intervened with Rogers' shield.

Faced with uneven odds, Tony blasted Rogers at point blank range leaving him convulsing him pain for two minutes before Barnes forced him up against a wall. Barnes tried to remove the Mark 46's main Arc Reactor only for Tony to simply unleash the Unibeam disintegrating Barnes' metallic limb before seemingly killing the man. A recovered and enraged Rogers stormed Tony unleashing a relentless assault of melee attacks. Once she had done so, Tony caught and blew away Rogers' shield before brutally beating him down.

Defeated, Rogers tried to appeal to Stark only for the Avenger to declare they were now enemies as a result of Steve's decisions. Giving his former teammate one last chance to stand down, which was refused, Tony prepared to kill him, tony stark dating profile.

A barely alive Barnes, grabbed the armor's boot only for Tony to break his nose. The distraction allowed Rogers to turn the tide of the battle, breaking off the Mark 46's helmet and damaging its main Arc Reactor. Reduced to the backups, Tony was unable to continue combat.

As Rogers left, Tony mocked him that he'd succumbed to his darker aspects and the shield was Howard Stark's property.


Heeding Tony's point, Rogers abandoned the shield and the identity of Captain America. Returning to the Compound, Tony developed technology that would allow Rhodes to walk again after his accident. While doing this, Rhodes assured Tony that he'd done the right thing in following the law before a mailman arrived with a package from Rogers.

Within was a letter in which Rogers apologized for hiding the truth behind Tony's parents and assuring him that if he ever needed help, the other Avengers were but a phone call away. Ross then called Tony informing him of a situation at the Raft but Tony pretended to be busy and put the man on hold revealing his hate for the evil general. Tony stark dating profile the final battle with Thanos and his army, Tony manages to seize the Infinity Stones from the Mad Titan and uses their power to disintegrate Thanos and his army.

Using the power of the Stones leaves Tony mortally wounded and he dies shortly afterwards, comforted by Rhodey, Peter and Pepper.

He first appears tony stark dating profile make a log on how his Iron Man Armor was created. Tony begins with the Mark I.


In Iron Man 3 - The Official GameTony appears as the main character, in which he uses the armors the player has to play. Tony plays a role in narrating the story as the game progresses, while the player advances to the harder parts of the game. He helps the player get through missions and levels while giving them rewards and objectives as the story goes on. Tony was voiced by Adrian Pasdar. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. I finally met a man called Ho.

I don't paint. Daddy's home! Take your shot! Disable with extreme prejudice. You start with something pure. Something exciting. Then come the mistakes, the compromises. We create our own demons.

Tony stark dating profile promised, I got Pepper sorted out. Steve's Profile: StarSpangles4U 5. Bruce's Profile: ThatSciencingGuy21 6. Clint's Profile: Bullseye69 7. Thor's Profile: TheAsgardianPrince 8. Come Over! Phil's Profile: CapLuver88 Tony stark dating profile Profile: BadAssAgent33 However before Iron Man could relax, he was knocked out of the sky and into an Oracle Corporation dome by War Machine, who was still being controlled by Vanko.

Iron Man tried desperately to block War Machine's attacks, holding his mini gun at bay until Black Widow had successfully managed to override all of Vanko's programming, having broken into the Hammer Industries Headquarterswith a little help from Happy Hogandespite failing to arrest Vanko. Stark helps James Rhodes back to his feet. Iron Man knocked War Machine back before Black Widow confirmed that he was safe at last and in control of his own armorbefore also complimenting Stark on his new element which had now stopped his palladium poisoning, causing Pepper Potts to confront Stark for not telling her he was dying.

Stark and Rhodes fight the Hammer Drones. Knowing that the last remaining Hammer Drones would be coming to their location, both Iron Man and War Machine then set out a plan to battle them, however this only led to an argument between the two friends over who should take the better position in the area, with both of them arguing that they had the superior armor and skills. However before they could make up their minds, the Drones then arrived and surrounded Iron Man and War Machine, with nowhere to escape to, the pair donned their own helmets and prepared for battle, firing their weapons at the attacking Drones which outnumbered them.

As the battle then commenced, Iron Man and War Machine found that although they could easily defeat mature singles Drone, the numbers began to overwhelm them.

While War Machine used his impressive weaponry provided by Hammer Industries to destroy the attackers, Iron Man used his top of the british indian dating sites armor to fight back and destroy multiple targets at once, eventually using his laser attack to slice all of the remaining Drones in half and finally win the fight.

Iron Man and War Machine face Whiplash. Eliminating the other drones, Iron Man and War Machine were then informed by Black Widow that they had a new enemy coming in, who she warned appeared to be much stronger than all of the previous drones. This tony stark dating profile revealed to tony stark dating profile Whiplash in his new, more powerful suit of Armor.

Attempting to kill Whiplash before the fight could even begin, War Machine armed the Ex-Wife Missileonly for it to fail and not even dent the armor, with Iron Man then noting that it was clearly a Hammer Industries weapon due to it being useless in battle. Iron Man is almost overpowered by Whiplash. Iron Man then engaged in a fierce battle with Whiplash, with himself and War Machine throwing all they had at defeating him or maybe damaging his armor enough to cause him to surrender.

However they both found that not only was Whiplash's armor too strong, but he had improved his whips to the point they were more dangerous than ever before and they both soon found themselves overpowered by Vanko's improved technology as well as weapons. Iron Man finds a way to older women lose weight Whiplash.

Whiplash soon managed to gain the upper hand in the battle when he succeeded in wrapping his electrified whips around Iron Man and War Machine's throats and slowly tightening them, hoping to break their necks. With no other choice, Iron Man called on War Machine to use the technique they discovered during the Duel at Tony Stark's Mansion and fired their own repulsor rays at each other, triggering an explosion in front of Vanko and knocking them all back.

Iron Man stands over the defeated Whiplash. Recovering from the shockwave and getting back onto their feet, Iron Man and War Machine found Ivan Vanko lying on the battlefield, with not only his new Whiplash Armor but his own body damaged beyond repair.

Too injured to continue the fight, Vanko claimed that Stark had in fact lost this he finds a wife before he ignited his and all of his drones' self-destruct bombs, including one in his own armor.

Knowing that these Drones were littered across Stark Expo since he had shot many of them out of the sky, Iron Man then flew to rescue anybody remaining there before they exploded and caused major casualties. Stark finally shares a kiss with Pepper Potts.

Iron Man raced to save Pepper Potts amid the series of explosions, pulling her away just in time. Seeing the chaos that Stark brought with him, Potts quit her position as CEO of Stark Industriesbut Stark only teased her about the concept of leaving him before she and Stark kissed each other. Rhodes revealed he was there tony stark dating profile he departed with the Mark II armor without serious objection from Stark, leaving them where Stark refused to accept her resignation.

Stark discusses the Avengers with Nick Fury. At a debriefing, while showing news footage of another superhuman eventNick Fury informed Stark that while Iron Man was a suitable candidate for the Avengers InitiativeStark himself was not.

Tony poses with Stern and James Rhodes. Stark thought about the position for a moment and he agreed on the condition that Senator Stern present himself and James Rhodes with their medals for bravery in defeating Whiplash and Justin Hammer. A couple of hours later in exchange, Dating a navy got his wish and took the job as consultant.

He took great pleasure in Senator Stern's annoyance at being forced to give him a new medal, smiling for the pictures and offering a peace sign to the crowd of onlookers. Stark searches for General Thaddeus Ross. Keeping with his job as consultant for S. Stark makes a deal with Thaddeus Ross. The two exchanged insults about each other's recent battles before Stark told him that a team was being put together.

The task was then completed with Ross refusing to release Blonsky from his custody out of pure spite. Iron Man completes his work on Stark Tower.

When James Rhodes then arrived, Stark informed him that he would never wear that armor again because he made him a new one with improved technology and weaponry. Stark jokes about being a Life-Model Decoy. Upon arriving at Stark Tower, he and Pepper Potts began celebrating the successful creation of their newest, clean energy source for the entire city, with Stark telling her that she could have twelve percent of the credit for Stark Industries ' newest breakthrough.

Stark was then informed by J. Coulson explained that they needed him to come in despite having previously been rejected from the Avengershanding Stark holographic screens with information about Captain AmericaThorBruce Banner and Loki for him to study. While Potts and Coulson left the tower, Stark began tony stark dating profile the Tesseract design.

Iron Man meets Captain America and captures Loki. Stark quickly suited up in his current Mark VI armor and then traveled straight to StuttgartGermany where he then quickly found his old acquaintance, Natasha Romanoff in a Quinjet overlooking the newly unfrozen Captain America in the middle of a battle with the hostile god, Loki. Iron Man jetted right in and blasted Loki with his repulsors and stood tall next to Captain America, aiming every weapon he had and forcing Loki to surrender as they took him into custody.

Iron Man witnesses Thor kidnapping Loki. Escorting Loki onto the Quinjet in handcuffs, the team headed back towards the S. Stark commented on Rogers' fighting skills and subtly mocked his lack of knowledge of modern society since returning from World War IIquestioning if he had taken up Pilates.

As they were discussing why Loki had surrendered, a sudden thunderstorm had occurred, seemingly unnerving Loki. The Quinjet was then attacked by Thorwho broke in and subdued Iron Man before he could fight back before ripping Loki out from his seat before flying away, leaving Stark and Rogers behind.

While Thor furiously threatened Loki atop a mountain in order to learn exactly who Loki intended to give the Tesseract to, Iron Man blasted straight into him, hurling him onto the forest floor away from Tony stark dating profile. While Thor got his bearings, Iron Man revealed himself and was warned to not touch Thor again, to which he told him not to take his things. Thor then informed Iron Man he did not understand what was happening, and Iron Man mockingly claimed that Thor looked like he was in a William Shakespeare production in the park, telling him that he looked like he was wearing his mother 's own clothing.

The two began to battle as Thor refused to not be allowed to take Loki was to the Asgardian Dungeons as he furiously struck Iron Man who defended himself. When Thor attempted to charge at him, Iron Man charged back and managed to push him straight into a mountain, but Thor continued to fight back and caused them to crash land back in the forest where they then continued fighting each other. Iron Man is locked into battle against Thor.

Iron Man's Mark VI armor took a beating during the battle as Thor easily began to crush one of the gauntlets tony stark dating profile just his bare hands.

Fearing his arm would be shattered, Iron Man responded by shooting Thor in the face, which merely knocked his head back, before head butting him with his helmet, tony stark dating profile. However, Thor's own Asgardian strength allowed him to withstand all of Iron Man's blows and be unaffected as they continued their fight with Iron Man using all the advantages of his suit to try and subdue Thor without killing him so that he could then take him and Loki back into S.

Iron Man with Thor and Captain America. Their fight was broken up by Captain America who demanded that they stop fighting and questioned what Thor was doing on Earthand being told that he had come to put an end to Loki's schemes. Then Rogers insisted that Thor prove that he was on their side by putting down his hammerto which Iron Man noted that was a bad move as Thor loved his hammer, just before he was struck by the hammer and knocked through a three just when Thor furiously attacked Rogers.

Stark soon arrives onboard the Helicarrier. Stark then joined the group, complimenting Thor on his fighting skills and pointing out an Agent playing Galaga before noting that Loki needed Iridium in order to control the Tesseract 's power.

As Stark noted why Loki needed Erik Selvig tony stark dating profile Clint Bartonhe was questioned about his new found expertise by Maria Hillnoting that he had done his research the night before, noting that all Loki needed was a power source to control the Tesseract. Stark is introduced tony stark dating profile doctor Bruce Banner.

Stark was introduced to Bruce Banner who understood all of his own theories, delighting Stark who then complimented Banner on his own intelligence and ability to turn into Hulk. While Rogers still struggled to understand a lot of the team's new modern references, tony stark dating profile, Stark and Banner departed for the lap to begin their research, but not before Stark planted a hacking device and allowed J.

Stark tests Bruce Banner 's temper control. tony stark dating profile

“Tony Stark: Iron Man” #4

Stark talked with Bruce Banner in their new lab as they discussed all of Erik Selvig 's work and inviting him to come work at Stark Tower for a stress free work place, despite Banner claiming that he broke Harlem last time he was in New York City.

Stark then tried once to annoy Banner by poking him with a prod in order to test his ability to resist his transformation, only to get no response apart from pain before Steve Rogers entered and demanded he stop, as Banner's transformation would put all the lives on the Helicarrier at risk.

Stark still continues mocking Steve Rogers. Stark wondered if Banner used jazz or marijuana to keep his cool, to which Rogers found less than funny, telling Stark he was risking the lives of everyone onboard the Helicarrier and should be focusing on the issues at hand.

Stark however suggested that Nick Fury might have other motives for restarting the Avengers Initiativealthough Rogers was unconvinced. Banner noted that Loki 's comments could have been referring to Stark Tower and the power it supplied. Rogers once again told Stark to remain focused on locating Loki, only for Stark ruby chat room insult his Uniform and send him out of his lab.

Stark and Bruce Banner discuss Hulk. Stark commented on how his father had so often admired Rogers having worked with him back in World War II.

When Stark noted that he wanted Banner to be in the fight with them when it came time for it, Banner insisted that he could not, calling Hulk a nightmare. Stark then told Banner about how his Arc Reactor was keeping the shrapnel he dating app with rating system from his kidnapping away from his heart, calling it a terrible privilege, with Banner claiming his situation was not the same.

Stark noted all the gamma radiation Banner was exposed to should have killed him and maybe Hulk saved his life. Stark manages to hack into S. Stark and Banner learned that S. Fury soon learned of their schemes and challenged them both, with them soon being joined by Captain America who had also found out that S.

Just as Fury tried to tony stark dating profile his actions, Stark contradicted him, forcing Fury to confess they were building the weapons in response to Thor and the recent Battle of Puente Antiguo which they were unprepared for.

Stark debates being a hero with Steve Rogers. While Banner called their new team a time tony stark dating profile, Stark got into a heated argument with Rogers who claimed that Stark was not a hero but a selfish man in a suit of armorwhile Stark noted that Rogers was only a hero because of the Super Soldier Serum given to him by Stark's father and Abraham Erskineleading to Stark challenging him to a fight.

During a ensuing argument between the AvengersBanner inadvertently picked up Loki 's Sceptertony stark dating profile, revealing Loki's control over him. All of Loki's troops then arrived, led by the brainwashed Clint Bartonand attacked the Helicarrier in order to free Loki. Iron Man begins repairing the Helicarrier.

When one of the Helicarrier 's engines was destroyed by HawkeyeStark quickly suited up in the Mark VI armor and rushed outside to try and assist in its repair. Iron Man arrived and soon assessed the damage, recruiting Captain America to help him by checking all the main controls while Stark went inside the engine, however Stark was soon frustrated when Rogers struggled to understand the modern technology that he was currently looking at due to his lack of exposure to any of it.

While Iron Man and Captain America were working together by the damaged engine, Nick Fury and Maria Hill were unable to stop Hawkeye using one of his arrows to shut down the Helicarrier's power, causing it to fall out of the sky, dramatically shortening the time Iron Man had to save the day.

Upon arriving at the engine itself, Iron Man used his laser to cut through the damaged propeller and decided to use his suit's power to restart the engine tony stark dating profile hand, telling Captain America to pull a lever in order to free him from the engine before he got shredded inside it when it moved too fast.

Iron Man restarts the Helicarrier 's engine. Iron Man put all of his might tony stark dating profile pushing the engine in order to get in spinning fast enough to lift the Helicarrier back up into the air, saving all of the S. However Iron Man soon found tony stark dating profile was beginning to move too fast for him to keep up and then asked Captain America to pull the lever, only to learn Rogers was now busy fighting Loki 's own soldiers.

Iron Man was briefly trapped and badly damaged by the propeller until Rogers managed to free him just in time. Iron Man then flew to Captain America's location and subdued the tony stark dating profile attacking him before his suit lost all power. Stark learns that Phil Coulson has been killed.

"Give me a scotch. I'm starving."

With the Helicarrier now safe thanks to tony stark dating profile efforts, the duo then learned that during the tony stark dating profile, Bruce Banner had transformed into Hulk and caused mass destruction before he had escaped from the ship, as well as Thor being ejected from the Helicarrier by Loki who escaped but not before mortally wounding Agent Phil Coulson.

When medical assistance was called in for Coulson, it was soon confirmed that he mature women 69 in fact died from all of his wounds, news which shook Stark to his very core.

Stark listens to Nick Fury 's Avengers speech. Stark and Tony stark dating profile Rogers were then gathered together in the control room where Nick Fury expressed his own deep regret for Coulson's death, presenting Rogers with the Captain America Card Collection he had asked him to sign. While Stark listened in silence, Fury then explained they could not locate the Tesseractconfessing that he was planning on recreating HYDRA weapons with it's power.

Hearing this, Stark got to his feet. Stark refuses to follow Nick Fury 's orders. Visiting the site of Coulson's murder at Loki's hand, Stark began talking with Steve Rogers about how Coulson did not have family, but was dating Audrey Nathan. Stark began furiously claiming that they were not soldiers in a war and he would not be following Fury any longer, noting about how Loki made latin american dating site reviews personal to draw them in.

Rogers went to dismiss the comment but Stark noted that making it personal was Loki's plan, to rip their new team apart. Stark realizes where Loki is planning to go. While rambling on about the theatrics that Loki has pulled off as part of his grand plan for world dominationStark began to draw closer to finding out where the Asgardian God of Mischief would set off the portal to bring the alien army forth, commenting on how Loki wanted his victory to to be seen by the world.

At that moment, Stark realized he had built something out of ego, Stark Towerand it would provide both the perfect source of energy to open the portal and serve as a taunt. With a "son of a bitch" escaping his lips, Stark then informed Rogers of his epiphany before quickly walking out of the room.

Stark repairs his suit ready to confront Loki. With this new lead, Rogers put on his Uniform and recreated the other available Avengers while Stark repaired the Mark VI armor so it was battle ready again. Fueled by a desire to avenge Agent Coulson's death, Stark soon had his armor ready to go into battle. Iron Man tries to destroy the Tesseract. Iron Man soon arrived at Stark Tower where he found a device had installed on the roof powered by the Tesseract that was now being controlled by Professor Erik Selvig.

Iron Man ordered J. Failing to convince Selvig to shut down the device, Iron Man blasted it; however the barrier around the device bounced the blast back. Stark engages in a battle of wits against Loki.

Iron Man saw that Loki was watching in amusement from the balcony of Stark's penthouse and, seeing that there was now nothing else he could do to stop the invasionStark decided to change tactics and landed and had the Mark VI armor removed and faced off against Loki without any defenses. In a sense of hospitality, Stark offered Loki a drink, but he declined before Stark threatened Loki. To buy time to put on two metal braceletsStark then promised Loki that he would be stopped by the Avengers no matter how long it took them, although Loki still remained unintimidated by the concept.

Stark listed off all the Avengers members to show what Loki was up against, seeing Loki cringe at the mention of Thor, tony stark dating profile. Loki insisted that his army would overcome them with ease, so Stark then noted that they had a Hulk on their own side.

Stark then promised that even if the Avengers failed to protect the Earththey would at least avenge it by defeating Loki, the now furious Loki promised that the Avengers would have no time for him when they were fighting a brainwashed Stark. When it seemed Loki would brainwash him, it turned out the Arc Reactor was blocking the Scepter from Stark's heart. Iron Man attacks Loki in Phil Coulson 's name. Making a performance joke, Stark was suddenly attacked by Loki who vowed to destroy the Avengers before Stark was then thrown out of the window hundreds of feet above the ground.

However Stark just managed to call for the Mark VII ; it was rocket-propelled to him, and formed the suit around him by connecting to the Colantotte Bracelets he had put on right before he could hit the ground.

Stark flew back up to Loki and told him there was one other person Loki had pissed off, Phil Coulsonand blasted Loki backwards before he could even react in the name of the late Agent Coulson.

Iron Man attacking all the incoming Chitauri. Stark was however confronted by Loki 's device which opened a portal into space where Loki's army of Chitauri flew into New York City and began their war against Earth. Amazed at what he was witnessing, Iron Man charged tony stark dating profile and fired all of the Mark VII 's weapons upon the attacking alien forces. Iron Man recruited the help of Hawkeye by flying by the Quinjet and having him shoot the aliens out of the sky behind him while mockingly asking if they had stopped for drive-thru as they were so late to the fight.

Iron Man successfully destroys the Leviathan. Stark fought off the Chitauri and tried to call James Rhodeswho told Stark that he was too busy fighting soldiers working for tony stark dating profile Ten Ringsbut would come to help as soon as possible.

When he was notified of the arrival of Bruce Banner on the field, Iron Man led the serpent towards him, saying he was bringing the party to the others, so that Banner would transform into Hulk and defeat it, with Iron Man firing a tank missile at the Leviathan to destroy it's body and finally kill it. Iron Man listens to Captain America 's orders.

Stark landed on the ground alongside his fellow Avengers. The team were then confronted by hundreds of Chitauri who flew in through the portal as well as several more Leviathans.

Captain America gave out orders and instructed Stark to take to the skies and take out more Chitauri and keep them within New York City. Captain America then ordered Hawkeye to get onto the roof of one of the skyscrapers in order to inform them of the Chitauri's movements during the battle while also sharpshooting them, so Iron Man flew him up there while Captain America gave out his orders to the other Avengers. As the battle began, Iron Man focused on his task of insuring that the Chitauri forces did not leave the city and wreak havoc elsewhere.

He soon found himself being chased down by multiple Chitauri Chariots which attempted to shoot him out of the sky, until Hawkeye advised Iron Man to fly towards a tight corner as he noted the Chitauri did tony stark dating profile were not as good at maneuvering their craft as he was.

Iron Man did as recommended and successfully caused the Chitauri crafts to crash into nearby buildings. However despite Thor 's best efforts to block the portal, they still continued coming through.

Iron Man teaming up with Captain America. Charging throughout the entire battlefieldIron Tony stark dating profile came to the aid of Black Widow who was currently riding one of the Chitauri Chariots to try and reach Stark Tony stark dating profilewho Iron Man soon shot the pursuing Chitauri out of the sky to ensure she could get there. Iron Man then charged through multiple aliens to team up with Captain Americaas they used his shield to deflect Iron Man's gauntlet blasts across the tony stark dating profile enemies, increasing it's power as a result.

Iron Man then aided Hawkeye by knocking several Chitauri off the building he was on before they could get to him as he continued flying. Iron Man tries to destroy another Leviathan. Having been told by J. Stark asked Thor if he had ever seen Game of Thronessaying he reminded him of it. Thor asked him how he can joke around during the battle, but was then eaten by a Leviathan. As the Battle of New York continued, the team found themselves still outnumbered and learned that Black Widow had now found a way to close the portal.

Iron Man soon intercepted the missile and demanded that Widow keep the portal open, despite Captain America wishing to close it as soon as possible to end the invasion while they still could. Stark falls back through the wormhole. Iron Man flew it up through New York City and up alongside Stark Tower and finally straight through the portal as he was taken into deep space.

Iron Man looked in amazement at what was before him, all while he lost contact with J. As he lost consciousness, tony stark dating profile, Iron Man released the nuclear missile and blew up the Chitauri Command Centerwhich resulted in the deaths of the Chitauri and Leviathan across the city. However Iron Man lost power free dating sites no credit card at all the Mark VII armor in the process and then fell unconscious back through the portal just before it closed.

As Stark fell back to Earth, he was caught by Hulk who landed with him back on the ground. Captain America and Thor ran over to Stark who appeared to be dead, only for Hulk to scream in his face, waking him up. Stark said they should get some Shawarma to celebrate, despite not knowing what shawarma was.

Rogers told him they'd do that later, since Loki still needs to be recaptured. Stark joined the rest of the Avengers to make sure he didn't get away. Loki, badly beaten by Hulk, asked for the drink Stark offered him earlier; however, Stark ignored the request and took him into custody. Stark says his goodbyes to Steve Rogers. A few hours later, Stark and all of the rest of the Avengers went into the Shawarma Palace where they all ate silently.

The team then went their separate ways; with Stark saying goodbye to Steve Rogers and shaking his hand before he drove away in his Acura Stark Industries Super Car with Banner by his side. Stark and Pepper Potts rebuild Stark Tower. Stark was later with Pepper Potts in Stark Tower ready to rebuild after the damage that was done.

Stark founds the new Damage Control. Feeling all the guilt of his recent actions involving the Battle of New YorkStark invested into Damage Control in order to clear up the wreckage left behind by the Chitauri and the Leviathans that now littered New York City. Putting Anne Marie Hoag in charge of the newly established Damage Control, Stark had Hoag take control away from Tony stark dating profile Toomes' Crew to work on the clear up of the battle's aftermath, much to Adrian Toomes ' great dismay.

Six months after the Battle of New York ; Stark continued building up the Iron Legioncreating new suits for all possible eventualities. Jake is from New York.

He currently lives in Ohio. He's one of those people who loves both Star Wars and Star Trek. He also loves talking comics anywhere, anytime! Cover by Alexander Lozano. Share on. Jacob Hill Jake is from New York.

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