Dating newcomb pottery marks


Several other marks were also incised into the bottom of each piece:. Founded The short-sightedness of this system became apparent in just 1 year. Early pieces at the Pottery closely reflected the arts and crafts era in which the Pottery was operating. Dating newcomb pottery marks [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

An Introduction to Collecting Newcomb College Pottery

Eventually the women who worked regularly with the Pottery were designated as craftsmen with a preference given to those who had completed an undergraduate degree and a later graduate studies dating newcomb pottery marks with the art department. As the Pottery grew and expanded, new craftsmen joined the program including: [6].

While the craftsmen did not typically pot their own pieces, they were responsible for creating and carving designs for each piece of pottery the program put out. During the lifespan of the Pottery, over 70, unique pieces were created and carved by the women. Early pieces at the Pottery closely reflected the arts and crafts era in which the Pottery was operating.

The pottery often depicted Louisiana's local flora, done in blue, yellow and green high glazes.

Newcomb College Pottery Marks

The high point of Newcomb is generally considered to be from to During that period the Pottery experimented with various glazes and designs, and won numerous awards at various exhibitions throughout the country and in Europe.

As the school entered the s, new professors arrived and began to introduce influences from the International Exhibition of Modern Art. Highly carved pieces done in matt glazes dating newcomb pottery marks blue, green and pink marked this period. The Pottery used an elaborate system of marks to indicate a piece came from Newcomb College. The marks would include an " N " inside of a " C " to indicate the school, along with the ciphers of the potter and craftsman who both created dating newcomb pottery marks piece.

Also typically included would be a registration number indicating the year the piece was made. In addition to the marks already mentioned, pieces prior to sometimes also had marks indicating the type of clay and glaze used for the piece. It was replaced by the Newcomb Guild program that focused more on utilitarian wares, rather than the decorative pottery which symbolized the earlier Newcomb era.

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With exacting standards reflecting the ideals of William Morris, founding father of the Arts and Crafts movement, early Newcomb wares were uniquely a southern American product. The decoration was to be inspired by Louisiana flora and fauna. Local clays [dug] north of Lake Pontchartrain were used although suitable clay for throwing required the addition of various materials from Alabama, South Carolina, New Jersey, Kentucky, and Indiana.

If a piece did not meet criteria of the committee, the College's impressed cipher of an "N" within a "C" was ground off the bottom of the pot with an abrasive wheel," according to the Louisiana State Museum's website. These pieces with an obliterated mark sometimes have other marks still in place denoting the decorator, when the piece was registered, and dating newcomb pottery marks mixture of clay was used.

A piece with a line through the mark denotes it was likely sold as a "second. Being keenly aware of the importance of handcrafted design, Newcomb's mark system documents the making of each piece including who molded the clay, who decorated the item, and what clay mixture was used. Another mark used was "N" and "C" on either side of a vase within a rectangle.

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Fig 2: Registration Number FN Fig 3: Shape Number Fig 5: Pottery Mark JM. August 12, Guide to Muncie Pottery Marks.

Dating newcomb pottery marks [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)