Dating samuel gawith tins


My impressions of Sam's Flake are very similar. The blend burned very well, and did not bite at all. Dinner, that sounds nice, Jan and I thought. Dating samuel gawith tins [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Absolutely no whiff of Orientals, nor of any flavouring. Neatly arranged flake straps of yellow and brown colour, with very few black sparkles. Moisture in tin is unexpectedly low for a Samuel Gawith. This brand normally stands for soaking wet tobaccos. Still, it needs a little drying time before stuffing. According to the producer this mixture consists of Virginias and Orientals only, with an additional flavouring of tonka bean.

The main players of this mixture are the Virginias with flavours of hay, grass, earth and a hint of citrus. The Orientals are in a far background.

They are here to donate some body, wood and a little spice to the blend, not to show up. They marry up well with the Virginias. IMO the tonka bean flavouring is unnecessary, but it has been done carefully. These two alien flavours set back the natural tobacco aromas considerably. The nicotine level is low. This mixture is far from being characterful or deep digging. It does not stand out in any way.

I shall not come back to it. This is one weird tobac, it has an absolutely lovely tin note, but love hina dating game cheats of it comes out in the smoke.

I don't detect any of the orientals, it burns hot and is prone dating samuel gawith tins bite. Its a shame that all that the wonderful smelling casing does is cause it to burn too hot. I was seriously disappointed with this. But this to me proved to be a pointless variation that is principly already present in the SG line.

For this has the same casing as that of Kendal Cream, which has the impression to me of spice and dating samuel gawith tins. It is not that sweet in flavor but the aroma has a nagging sweet richness that is too much for me. The oriental componet was'nt that detectable but seem to add a slightly grassy character in the tin aroma. Mild in strength and flavor with very lights sweetness and pointless.

If one likes that aroma Kendal Cream is far better. Sam's flake is no exception. If you're into flake, don't bother with this. And, if you can find a tin of the no longer imported Troost Slices, indulge in its decadent lusciousness.

Bloody outstanding stuff, does have a topping that is intoxicating dating samuel gawith tins smell and taste. I adore what SG does with flakes and this is no different. No bite, rich flavor and aroma, smokes incredibly smooth. Very recommended. A sort of forgotten blend in the gawith lineup. It is the non latakia Oriental version of St James Flake.

In other words, scratch the perique and add a combination of oriental leaf. Medium strength and very tasty. Can be compared to Pease's Regent's Flake among others.

The Pease has more oriental leaf and is a bit stronger overall. This is very smooth, very slow burning but not too difficult to keep lit. Needs a twenty minute dry time though. All gawith blends have a certain quality of richness and complexity and this is no exception.

The tonquin add is a minor player but like some rum adds it serves to meld the flavors and soften any harshness. One barely notices it taste wise. This is a great flake and deserves much wider appreciation. Long may they produce as they have for generations. Its just so neglected and for reasons I don't understand. The tonquin is very mild and perfectly melded with the rich Virginia base.

Its an addictive blend, dating samuel gawith tins. Honestly 5 stars if I could. This is a funny one. I am not really getting the orientals that are referenced in the description - to my palate this burns like a virginia flake with a little tonquin, and perhaps some perique none to my knowledge is referenced, I am merely referencing a distinct spicy quality, especially in the first third of the bowl.

My flakes are old, and like strips of dark leather. They rub out easily, and burn for an eternity. When smoked slowly expect dating samuel gawith tins. The smell in the tin is very nice, sweet VA's and and raisin or prune quality. The tonquin is very mild, both in the tin and in the bowl, but it gives a nice additional dimension to this smoke.

It requires several false lights and light tamping to get it going, but burns nicely once lit. This requires slow smoking. While it does not bite, it will get quite hot if you puff too rapidy, and the flavor suffers. When smoked slowly the flavor is rich but mild. I taste VA's and spice, and not a whole lot else. The tonquin is there, but not in a forward way. This would be an excellent introduction to the flavor for someone not ready to take the plunge.

There is not a lot of nicotine here, and a largish bowl can be smoked with pleasure. Compared to most other flakes on the market this is a 4 star blend.

The quality is off the chart, and the flavor, while mild, is singular, dating samuel gawith tins. There are, however, other Gawith flakes that are significantly better, in my estimation, so I give it three stars. It is a pleasant diversion, but once my stock is gone I will most likely not replace it, simply because of the aforementioned offerings that are simply better to my best dating sites in egypt. This is definitely worth a try, however, and could fill a niche dating samuel gawith tins you are looking for a VA flake that is different from most others.

Undoubtedly one of the best tobaccos I've ever smoked. I really love VAs, in all varieties, and also when accompanied by Burley or Perique. When I bought it, I was looking for a good quality VA with some more sweetness and flavour in comparison to "purer" leaves, and I found it! What I get from my smoke is the taste of sweet, high-quality Virginia, a subdued, delicate scent of vanilla and tonquin bean.

I think I'll smoke this tobacco whenever I'd like to smoke without being kicked in the dating samuel gawith tins by Nicotine. It has some of the wonderful creaminess of Kendal cream, but without the floral essence of the latter, which is also more acidic. The taste of Sam's flake reminds me of some freshly baked pastry.

I wouldn't dare saying that the orientals don't come out at all, even if I can't isolate the taste. They probably cooperate in the final flavour of the blend. I'd absolutely recommend this tobacco to anyone who loves to taste some real tobacco but doesn't dislike a little casing, which in this case as it is usually with Samuel Gawith, at least in my experience is superb.

I freely admit I bought this because I'm called Sam. However, whilst milder and dryer than my usual preferences I really enjoyed it. Just taken a break from working and I found the aroma delightful. This tobacco wafts up pleasantly. It is not strong, and usually that makes me yearn for a punchy virginia flake or a bowl crammed full of St Bruno which whilst not strong is just right to me, as is Full Virginia Flake. I will be keeping some of this for when I get a week or so off over Christmas.

Dating samuel gawith tins best dating sites only time Surveying students get to sleep, especially when they work as well Seriously though it is a rather nice tobacco for crisp days. It's one of those tobaccos which puts me in a contemplative mood. I like it. Similar Blends: Something I used to like. I'm not sure. Balkan mix?

Squadron leader?. Over many years, I have found that a fabulous tin aroma doesn't translate into smoking pleasure. That is why this tobacco was so disappointing for me. It starts off harsh but settles down a bit.

It has many components, but they seem to blend together to be lesser than their individual parts. I have now got to the end of my 50g and it didn't come soon enough. For my favourites, please see my review of Full Virginia Flake. Another very nice tobacco from the Kendal Mayor's collection.

As I girl gamer dating review smoking it, I get the impression of a well aged tobacco, and seeing those sugar crystals dating samuel gawith tins will give you the same idea too. The alleged tonquin beans flavouring seems to give this blend sort of a sweetness to it which is quite different from the Virginias but not in a bad way.


I am not usually for cased tobaccos, but I guess I will make an exception with this particular one. The smoking experience is quite mellow and I cannot detect any tongue bite at all. Even though this is not a proper VaPer, or a straight Virginia for all that it matters, it is pretty much in line with many Virginia based tobaccos that will fall into those categories.

This tobacco will develop different undertones and nuances as you progress in your smoke, but I advise to smoke it slowly so as to not break it. Don't worry if you find yourself relighting it. Just let your tobacco rest for sometime in your bowl and come back to it when your dating samuel gawith tins cools down. I don't mean to imply this tobacco will smoke hot, which it doesn't, but I can see how it will benefit from it if you give it a rest every now and then.

I don't see any flaws women seeking men elmira loose end in this tobacco, so I will give it a 4 star. This is an easy going and very enjoyable smoke. The first portion of the bowl is quite straight-forward in flavor, but as the bowl progresses a tasty sour note comes through adding a much welcomed contrast to the sweetness.

As for the topping, there's a bit more going on here than just tonquin. The tonquin sweetness is present, especially at the beginning of a bowl. However, the primary top-note tastes fruity to me, dating samuel gawith tins, and somewhat in the realm of Firedance Flake. On the negative side, I do find that this blend turns a bit bitter if overheated and as another reviewer mentioned, it's a poor candidate for those who have a tendency to practice DGT.

Nonetheless, I find this to be quite good and I will definitely keep a tin on hand for such moments. I must point out that Samuel Gawith is in my top three tobacco companies. I currently have forty blends in rotation, and five of them are Samuel Gawith products. There would be more, but I am out of stock on a few. I agree with much of The German's review below. I will discuss my experience with the blend here:. The tobacco is fairly moist out of the tin.

The flakes are all unique and no cut seems to be the same as the next think snowflakes. If smoking right after cracking the seal, I recommend a looser pack. If dried and rubbed out finely, it can be packed by a traditional method i. The Virginias are there the whole time, but seem to be more present in the second half of the bowl. This is even more pronounced if the tobacco is allowed to dry to where it is just slightly moist. The tonquin bean is more pronounced when the tobacco is wet and almost completely absent once the tobacco has been allowed to dry.

I like the tonquin bean flavoring, as it is also present in some of my favorite blends i. SG's Westmorland Mixture. The orientals not latakia are there the entire time, but take a back seat to the Virginias as the batch burns to the bottom of the bowl. If moist, it needs a false light, a tamp, and a true light and tamp. From there it will keep dating samuel gawith tins to the bottom of the bowl with the occasional tamp.

If allowed to dry to slightly moist, I find that it lights with one match and continues to burn with a few tamps along the way. In fact, as I am typing this, I am smoking a bowl and thought that it actually went out on me. I picked up the pipe, tamped it down gently as I dating samuel gawith tins puffed in a quick rhythmic fashion to find the bowl started going again with no need to burn another match. Then again, that might make it too much like Westmorland Mixture No need to canabalize one blend with another that is too similar.

That wouldn't be good marketing. Typical SG quality, but surprisingly flavorless. It's tastes like nothing so much as a virginia flavored steam with hints of something oriental. Whatever personality it has is too subdued. Not a bad smoke, in fact it's actually quite nice, but there's nothing seeking men elmira ny enough about it to recommend it either. Not one of SG's better flakes IMHO, but still worth a try, I supppose, as it seems to tickle the tastebuds of some of our esteemed brethren.

I waited a long time to try this, it is never in stock anywhere. I finally found an online source, and bought dating samuel gawith tins tins, just in case I truly loved it. The varying thickness of the flakes do not bother me, as I rub them completely out. But, even if folded and stuffed, why would it matter?

This tin note is a mix between Kendall Cream andI think anyway. It dating samuel gawith tins has that tonquin flavor ofbut the creaminess of Kendall Flake. The description above states it has Orientals in it. I can't find them. It is Va and Turkish. The turkish really stands out in this flake, bringing an slight acidic ashiness to the exhale.

I love almost all Gawith blends, but this one really hasn't caught my attention yet. I will smoke the other few tins I have, and hopefully I can women seeking men elmira ny at least one other star to my review, dating samuel gawith tins. First of all, I am a fan of Samuel Gawith's products, always having at least different tins in rotation.

Now comes the but: recently I have some bad experience with SG's tins. Two of them were completely rusty: Sam's and Navy Flake. But anyway I had to remove the flakes from the tin because there were too moist: the flakes are chunks, very moist and hard to keep lit.

Rubbing out and drying them for 2! This is simply a boring smoke, I was lucky when it tastes like dating samuel gawith tins soup with a few drops of sweetener, a little cinammon and leather.

I highly doubt there is any Oriental in this "blend", to me it seems more like a standard VA plus Lakeland. The tobacco is for sure of high quality, but the bothersome preparation and the bland taste are not worth it. BTW, I ended up putting a few flakes into the microwave oven for a few seconds, at least this time I could "enjoy" a bowl without relighting every 5 minutes.

Where are the orientals in this blend? Maybe at the Samuel Gawith's house they forget adding it to the tobacco of my tin, but I can't detect any oriental. The smoke is pretty decent as a bland straight Va. I bought two new pipes one Stanwell, dating samuel gawith tins Big Benand since I'm going to have to break them in, I bought a few tins to enjoy in my already-broken-in pipes while I use cheap stuff to build up a reasonable cake in my new ones.

Sam's Flake was in dating samuel gawith tins of the tins. The usual optics for a SG flake: dark leaf, and hit-and-miss thickness of the slices, dating samuel gawith tins. Some people are actually complaining about that, it seems. I don't really see the problem; I rub 'em out anyway because with SG flakes, folding and sinking does not seem to work for me at all.

The tin note instantly calls my attention: there's good oriental in there, with its sorry, folks typical soap-ish notes that translate into sweetness and spice once lit up. I'd say Izmir. Comparing this blend with FVF as has been done before, in my opinion, would be like comparing a Bentley to a Lotus. Both quite good, but totally different beasts.

Anyway, some drying-out is necessary; just don't let it get too dry. I rubbed out my first few pipefuls and thoroughly enjoyed the highly civilised behaviour of this offering. A beautiful smoke, with a wonderful aftertaste of Turkish Delight lingering on for quite a while. I could use a little more oomph, and the flavouring I believe to be superfluous it tastes and smells somewhat vanilla-ish with perfume side-notes.

Still a great smoke. It does not have that extra "BING! Very impressive fermented note opening the tin, I wondered if I dating samuel gawith tins smoke this or eat it. Quite humid, it takes a couple of hours to reach the right packing humidity. It should not be overly dried. The first time I let it dry near a heater and it became very dry, resulting in a smoke I had to ditch. The orientals are there but it needed more of it or another type. The flavoring I didn't find to be too prominent or objectionable as others here.

All in all, this is a very good VA flake with a twist of something. Smokes dry and cool and picks up strength towards the end. I wouldn't call it monochromatic, it has quite some nuances. Last, it doesn't DGT well, it starts to get bitterish if left for some hours, so for me it has become an evening smoke watching a movie. The room note was approved, great relief!

Upon opening the tin and peeling back the gold foil paper holding the dark slices of Virginia flake and Turkish tobaccos, I gave this blend my nose test, after all if you can't stand the smell why bother to continue. I was greeted with the aroma of ripened raisens with their tangy sweetness and honey mixed with a soft earthiness.

Unlike the McClelland Virginia blends no ketchup here! For my first pipeful I simply folded the slices in half and slid them into the bowl. Not allowing these slices to dry slightly made them rather difficult to light. After finally getting the fire stoked up I sat back and enjoyed a mild and sweet blend that I found most enjoyable with flavors of raisen, honey and a slight caramel undertone.

The next day I tried my second bowl only I prepared the leaf by rubbing it out but not fully. I don't know why but I decided to hold a slice in the sunlight coming into my kitchen to see dating samuel gawith tins real colors of the tobacco and was surprised by what was revealed to me. Covering the slice were tiny granuales of sugar, leading me to believe I had christian singles meet com a tin that had a bit of age on it.

They glistened in the sunlight like a fresh fallen snow in the moonlight. I prayed that these tiny specks weren't beetle eggs but what the hell any bug that can stand the heat of a pipe deserves to be taste tested! I found that rubbing out the flake made for an easier light and a more tastey bowl from start to finish.

Bottom line - A thouroughly wonderful smoke with great flavors and a gentle sweetness that fills the mouth. Not at all like the sweetness found in aromatics but the natural sweetness of a well prepared Virginia or maybe beetle eggs. Maths was never my forte so it comes as no surprise to me that I just cannot get my head around how that dating system works. December was month January of '96 was monthFeb '96 was monthand every month since then went,and July of was month So September the current month is StanI single thai ladies in england pulled a random tin of Dating samuel gawith tins from my dating samuel gawith tins and the sticker states 10 If you can give me a date for that then I light be able to work out how the system works.

The 10 is for the day of the month. The is sequential from the beginning and gives you the year at the same time. Check it with the dates I gave in the first post. Crushed my dreams about my tin of Cabbie's tho I think my only tobacco that had some age to it was a sample of Peter Heinrichs Reserve Crue, which was coated in crystals and dry to the bone so that I had to rehydrate it.

But my Bold Kentucky tin from August is my big hope! Yeah, I lucked out with my last tin of Cabbie's. I think it's from the month it first came out, 12 I checked all my Sam Gawith tins last night.

Most don't have a five digit code of any kind. The more recent ones do. The distributor for Gawith has probably changed 3 or more times sincewhich I think is the oldest tins I have. Which would be I guess. That would be about right for that tin. Mike S. Mikethose stickers are placed on the tins by the manufacturers, not the distributors. I uNderstand that Jay I simply wonder if different distributors want different information stamped on a tin.

Sam Gawith used as the starting point for dating. I wonder dating samuel gawith tins significance, if any, that date had? And, why, if that is the starting point, why tins from the early s I have, don't have it stamped on the tin's side?

Mikeif you have tobacco dating back to the 's then you have some seriously aged tobacco that you must tell us all how it smokes. I rarely smoke much tobacco that isn't 10 or more years old.

I do try new blends on occasion. Right now, I have a tin of McClelland Va 22 open. It was not bad! The first couple of minutes. Then our gums and cheeks burned so hard we spew out the snus. Pascal also had never smoked a shisha before. It was damn busy in the hall lots of young people!

Pipe Tobacco Review: Samuel Gawith - Golden Glow

A friendly Spaniard helped us, we told him that we were pipe-smokers at which he smiled. Pascal had a menthol flavour and he liked it pretty much. At the end of the afternoon my feet were killing me, I think we walked kilometres through all the halls, time to go. Not home yetdating samuel gawith tins to the Greek restaurant in Herne, El Grecowhere we go every year. A lot and compared to The Netherlands pretty cheap.

To top it off dating samuel gawith tins got 2 coffee from the house, Ich liebe Deutschland! The way home went smooth and I dropped Pascal off at his sleeping address. It was another great day and I want to thank Fred and Pascal for their company.

Normally for me this always marks the beginning of spring. You know, sunshine, flowers, birds and bees, girls in short skirts etc.

But when I awoke the sky was dark-grey with rain coming out of it and it stayed that way throughout the day, even in Belgium. Argh… This year about 60 people attended and like the previous time Matron, a Scotch-man and Florian, a German, both from the in famous Kaervaig Pipe Clubwere there. In the morning I drove to Deventer to pick up Mark at the train station.

When I had parked there I got a message from him. He had to go for a no. Well, when nature calls you have to answer right?

Surprisingly quick he came walking to the car. While Mark was inside unleashing hell I texted Ed, who was waiting on the carpool spot further along the route where we were supposed to meet him. Luckily he got here fast so we could begin the journey to Belgium. The only sad part was that Johnny, who normally is also driving along with us, dating samuel gawith tins, could not make it due to private circumstances.

After a pleasant ride we arrived in Wuustwezel. Like always the first thing was to stop at the local liquor store. This time I did not need much. Last year I had bought so many beers that I still had a reasonable stock in my cellar. Not because I like to drink it, but I use it to make hachee. After that we went for something to eat. Throughout the years I dating samuel gawith tins that the snack-bars in Wuustwezel have a kind of rotating system about who is open on Saturday afternoon.

So this time snack-bar Manneke Friet was the one we could go to. Only thing, the tiny place had no room where you could sit and eat, you could only order food. Which resulted in the snack-bar being crammed with lots of hungry pipe-smokers.

I choose the long frikandel XXL with mayonnaise, older stripping videos and onions. We took the food to the location of the meeting, the Bellekeshoeve, where we could eat it. When I had finished the long frikandel I was looking forward to a glass of delicious dark Vlaamsche Leeuw beer. But to my astonishment it was not available.

I looked at Jan, the organizer, and he apologetically shrugged. His supplier could not get the mouthwatering brew. So I opted for another beer instead. It were all Belgian beers so in essence I could not pick wrong. I then bumped into Freek. Earlier on the forum he offered a jar of Tinder Box pure latakia for free. Since I was almost out of blending latakia I responded.

Since I was the first I got it! The generosity of some people knows no bounds. Throughout the years Klaas gifted me quite a lot. And still the Pipe-God was not finished blessing me, dating samuel gawith tins.

He had given Matron some tins to divide under the KPC members. They were packed per 2 so you could not see what tins you got. I choose… Wisely! When I opened my pack I saw a tin of St. I have never smoked the latter so I am very curious! Afterwards I had some dating samuel gawith tins to chat with Matron, who surprisingly knows a bit of Dutch. Turned out that in time he still looked like a young god he had a girlfriend from the Dutch province of Friesland. When I walked around a bit I was stopped by stone-cutter Martin Romijn.

He showed me his new shirt which was pretty hilarious, and beautiful! On it was an image of a pipe-smoking weasel. The story behind it is: the town where the meeting is held is called Wuustwezel. Hence the picture on the shirt. Suddenly Nick called for attention.

Like the last years he had been busy with the forum pipe and he wanted to unveil the new pipe-maker. It is… Drumroll… Bruno Nuttens! He is a French pipe-maker with Belgian roots and is going to make a cutty shaped pipe with a beautiful silver coloured ring.

Since some time he is dating samuel gawith tins member of the PRF forum dating samuel gawith tins he continues to impress us with his craft.

He brought some of his pipes along and I immediately fell in love with one of them: a tomato shaped beauty with flawless cross-cut and flamed briar. I smoked it several times now and I can honestly say it already belongs to the top smoking part of my collection.

Sometimes I looked around and thought I had gone to the wrong meeting, a cigar smoker one. Many folks around me were smoking the phallus-shaped rolled tobacco leaves. At the end of the afternoon the delicious mandatory sausage rolls were served. I am a big fan of the Brabants worstenbrood but these one are also very yummie! Slowly it got dark outside and the Bellekeshoeve quieted down a bit. As a mean of experiment he added a bit of the Tinder Box latakia.

I did the same and. How easy it sometimes is to blend a decent tobacco. Before we knew it it was time to go home. We almost were the last ones left so we did not have to say goodbye to many people.

The ride home was pretty silent from my side, I was tired. I had spoken to so many people. But it had been utter fun! I would like to thank Jan for organizing the whole, the bar-crew for serving us delicious drinks and Ed and Mark for the conversations on the road. By the way, Mark made a brilliant and funny photo-bomb! As usual I was oblivious to it all.

In Cute single guys started my quest for forum tobaccos. That often difficult journey which you can read about here ended at the end of and resulted in 3 delicious tobaccos: an aromatic called Genietmomenta VaPer named Janneman Flake and a Balkan-blend with the name Brullende Leeuw.

After a years rest of the forum tobacco business it started to itch again, I was looking forward to a next phase of the project. So, from which pipe-tobacco manufacturer would I like a forum tobacco I already had decided it was going to be only 1 this time. It had to be a European one. On top of my wish-list was the quintessential English tobacco manufacturer Samuel Gawith.

But how to get them to participate? Actually that was dating samuel gawith tins easy. On the dating samuel gawith tins I took the bold step of asking Bob if Gawith was prepared to make a small batch of a special forum tobacco to be made by him and myself. To my surprise Bob immediately said yes, on the condition that the forum members would buy a minimum amount of tins of 50 grams, and gave me his email so I could send him further details.

Yessss, step 1 was taken! Now step 2, getting the tobacco legally in The Netherlands. After years of being busy with smoking pipes Elbert was looking for a business expansion with pipe-tobacco. Fred and I made sure to dating samuel gawith tins Elbert know that working with a high quality pipe-tobacco manufacturer such as Samuel Gawith was a smart move. He agreed with that and assured us he would talk to Bob about importing Gawith tobaccos to The Netherlands.

In short, the next phase of the project could begin! Back home I immediately mailed Bob, I already had an idea in my head of what I wanted. With the last forum tobaccos the high seller was Janneman Fake, a VaPer and a kind of blend that appealed to a lot of forum members. This time I wanted something similar yet different. First the cut, not a flake but a plug which is more special. That could work! There he admits using a pinch of latakia in his Fillmore offering. A trick to extra season a tobacco, the same as someone would season a good steak to make it an excellent one.

So I wrote to Bob that the ingredients should be Virginias in the vein of Full Virginia Flakeorientals sadly Gawith only has an assorted blend of orientals and no specific varietiesa bit of perique, a smidgen of latakia and I told him what, very roughly, the levels of the different tobaccos should be.

I was going for a sturdy yet mild, exotic and long should a dating profile overpowering blend with some fine nuances.

There is latakia in the new forum tobacco?? So all you latakia haters who now smoke the blend and love it: got ya! While I was waiting for an answer from Bob I made the list on the forum where everyone could sign up for the tobacco.


Remember, we had to order a minimum of tins and I was crossing my fingers to say the least we made it to that amount. I did not need to worry. On 20 September forum-members dating samuel gawith tins order and on the 25th I already had my tins!

In the meantime Bob had been busy with the plug: Dear Arno, this morning we made a trial cake of tobacco. This will be baked tomorrow speed dating vancouver 20s then we will test the tobacco for 7 to 10 days.

After that time it will be cut dating samuel gawith tins samples sent to you. The 25th I informed him that we managed to cross the tins border. That is very good news Arno. I will now go downstairs to the production area and see what the cake is like. The cake is made and the aroma is intriguing. I have cut a plug and will send to you for your opinion.

Please allow it to dry a little as the tobacco is still very young. On 22 October a package arrived at the office for me. But the sender was indeed Gawith and inside was a massive gr.

With the previous forum tobacco I only got small sample bags of which I could barely smoke 4 dating samuel gawith tins. At least I could provide decent samples for my testers this time. So I cut the tobacco up in smaller pieces and send them to my testing panel, a select group of forum members and friends. Of course I also smoked the plug and to my relief it already was pretty good.

In short the testing panel and I came to the conclusion that the plug was ok, the basis was good. So I mailed Bob that the Virginias in combination with the oriental, perique and smidge of latakia were to be found very interesting taste-wise.

Like someone of the testers said: neither fish nor fowl. So I suggested an increase of the level of Oriental to Bob to fix this. The perique level was ok but the latakia could be even less. By the way, I did not tell the testing panel it contained latakia but some detected it. It took some time before Bob responded, on 23 November he send this: Arno, I have noted your comments and will work at it. For now we are extremely busy, so if you do not mind, Arno Plug will have to go on to the back burner.

Be assured that I will take a long look in a couple of weeks. Finally at the beginning of February the second sample-slab of tobacco arrived at the office.

But when I smoked the first pipes I was not happy. I asked Bob to raise the oriental content but now the blend was really lacking midrange taste, my fault.

The Virginias no longer supported the oriental so the whole balance was off. From the other hand the perique and latakia content were perfect. Still I did not send this sample round to the testing dating samuel gawith tins, it was not better as the first one.

I mailed Bob my findings and waited again, dating samuel gawith tins. Then it began to rumble about the cut of the forum tobacco. It was going to be a plug but Gawith was slowly beginning to object to this: Regarding the packaging of SG plug, we have one packing for this in the UK and that is a g box.

Generally speaking, it is very expensive to cut a plug to 50g, it requires constant trimming to size and we end up with excessive waste, dating samuel gawith tins cost of which has to be added back to the end product weight. We can do this in a tin but the price will shock you.

Can the product which you require not be taken in the standard g box? It would certainly have a more attractive price for you. You could of course also take the product as a bulk product and pack it yourselves. I told Bob that we could not take the standard gr. This because in The Netherlands no sales of bulk tobacco is allowed, only sealed tins and pouches are permitted. We are, however, prepared to go with a 50g flake product. I explained the situation to the forum members and asked them if they were willing to accept the new cut.

Only 1 member wanted to cancel his order because of this. The new flake also needed a name so I asked the forum members for suggestions. The book is about dimensions and we just went from 3D a plug to 2D a flakevery appropriate. Plus that when I read the name I immediately got inspiration for the tin artwork. I asked Bob what the dimensions of the label were and started to work. I ended up with a picture of the flat lands around the village where I live.

With some Photoshop I made it look like a painting. Bob still had not send a reply but after some pushing from my side he finally did on 4 April: Dear Arno, I have no news as yet. I have to wait until Mr Gubbels enters into an agreement with Gawith Hoggarth. Until this happens I cannot make or ship.

This may not happen until after May 20 th in which case I may have wasted money on labels we cannot use. Until I know what the market is doing I will not move. I know this is frustrating but the problem is small compared to our having to change label designs and health warnings for all EU markets, also to possibly change the type of tin we use.

The problem at which Bob was pointing was the new tobacco regulation guideline TPD2. That required that Flatlander Flake had to be produced before 20 May otherwise we 1.

Luckily a couple of weeks later Elbert Gubbels committed himself to Gawith. But our troubles were not over yet. A silence fell until 10 June when Elbert mailed me: Dear Arno, an update regarding tobaccos from England: I have just been in contact with Bob Gregory and an appointment is scheduled in Kendal.

After much hassle we finally have the permit to buy tax seals. We hope to be able to import tins with no unsightly pictures on front and back. All tobaccos produced after May 20 this year are obliged to get the pictures on the cans. It all goes not smooth. Bummer, artwork with nasty pictures. The next months Elbert got busy with the whole process of importing the Gawith tobaccos.

Which was hell for him. This because it was the first time he did anything like that. Only a few companies import tobacco into The Netherlands so there was no dating samuel gawith tins who told Elbert what to do, he had to find out everything by himself.

You have meet all kinds of bureaucratic requirements and every time Elbert thought he saw the light at the end of the tunnel our dutiful civil servants conjured up another wall. Very frustrating so I dating senegalese man nothing than the utmost respect for the man because he stubbornly kept going on.

In the mean time I discussed the final number of Flatlander Flake with Elbert, he would import tins. Things started to move again when Bob asked for the Flatlander Flake artwork, again, at the beginning of August. A good opportunity to ask for the 3rd sample round but I got no response. As you can read in the corresponding dating samuel gawith tins the bastard love you Bob!

I noticed the content of the tin I opened was still very fresh but I tasted potential! I have to reluctantly admit I could hug the man at that moment. In October one of the big PRF meetings was held in Heukelum and only just before the date I received 2 sample-tins from Elbert, with the new artwork.

To my amazement and delight it did not have the gruesome images, only text warnings. Slowly the date that the forum tobaccos dating app with rating system in The Netherlands was getting closer.

Tobacconist Willem Schimmel in Zutphen was doing the sales, as an importer Elbert Gubbels could not do that.


I phoned Elbert to asked what happened. Apparently he had send the mandatory tax seals to Gawith so they could attach them to the tins. Only, those seals come on rollers of pieces. So 2 rollers of in total tax dating samuel gawith tins were received and processed by Gawith. The 12 remaining tins they had send to The Netherlands without anything on them. Which was discovered by our hard working customs office.

I mean, it is only 12 tins. In the end he was forced to burn those 12 tins in front of 2 customs officers who especially had to come to the Gubbels factory, I kid you not ladies and gentlemen, I have photographic proof of that. Totally insane, like those tins contained hard drugs! Luckily Gawith had some leftover stock of Flatlander Flake. Just before Christmas Willem organized 3 days on which the members of the forum could pick up their forum tobacco tins and the rest would be send by post.

I was there on one of those days and the ambience was just great: happy forum members, Willem played the role of gracious host, there was a cosy Christmas market in the centre of Zutphen, finally all was well. So now you probably all expect dating samuel gawith tins glowing review by me about Flatlander Flake. I can only say that I am very happy with the final result, I think it is a unique flake, especially within the Gawith range. It is interesting, smooth and mellow with grassy, sweet candy-cane-like tones yet the perique gives it some peppery kick which is rounded off by a slight smoky after-taste by the pinch of latakia.

You can smoke it in all kinds of pipes where the shape of the bowl defines which ingredient comes out more. However I do advise to smoke slowly, almost sip it. If you have the patience to leave the tin shut I predict you will be in for a treat after some time.

Virginias and orientals age very well. Also I thank my girlfriend Ellen for enduring my moods and billows of smoke. And of course I thank all of you forum members who have bought the tins sometimes vast amounts! Thank you for having faith in me!

I really hate autumn. There, I said it. Yeah I know, lots of people like it, the falling leaves, the smells, the colours etc. Well, for me autumn is made out of dark, grey, rainy and cold days dating samuel gawith tins suck the joy out of my life.

Blagh… I prefer summer with the warmth and comfort of the sun. Luckily not all is bad in these dark days, there is even some light.

Light coming from a small brewery located in the tiny Dutch village of Heukelum. People from all layers of society sitting together, chatting away, drinking, eating, in general just having a good time. As it is supposed to be. Like the mature scat years stone-cutting tamper-maker extraordinaire Martin organised it.

Dating pipe tobacco tins and pouches

The price remained the same as last year so we all got excellent value for money. I mean, you get two drinks, there is a big BBQ with all kinds of tasty fresh meat, sauces, salads and baguettes, the rent of the brewery is included and last but not least you get one bottle of special forum-beer with a label made by myself!

Like always I picked up Mark at the Deventer train station and together we drove to the carpool place where Johnny and Ed would be waiting or us. When we got there it turned out to be quite busy with cars so I had to park mine beside the road. Suddenly a pissed-off guy approached me that I had to park my car elsewhere. It turned out to be dating samuel gawith tins owner of the ice-cream van who stood there, he was afraid his clients did not have space to manoeuvre with my car there.

Bullshit of course but since the guy is a total nut-case he was in the news because he conned customers I opted to park elsewhere. A bit of sunshine, hardly any wind and a decent temperature made it feel like a very late summers day. One of the first things I did was fetch my ordered PRF shirts and sweaters. Peter did an excellent job ordering, handling and packing all the fine quality PRF textiles. Thanks mate, now I have some decent clothes to dating samuel gawith tins this winter and coming summer.

Samuel Gawith Date Codes

Second I approached Drewho refurbishes estate pipes as a hobby. I mailed him earlier that week with a request. As I told in my Humble Beginnings part 1 blogpost one of my influences to start pipe-smoking is the father of a long time friend of mine.

Well, he is in The Netherlands right now because what is flirting on facebook his bad health. Ok, bad health is a bit too exaggerated, he has some physical issues which are better addressed here better hospitals dating samuel gawith tins in Brazil, where he lives.

He brought some pipes with him and when I took a good look at them tears welled up in my eyes. He is an old fashioned smoker, and by that I mean he likes to smoke the same blend over and over again he took a liking to my Phoenix Graveyard Mixture basically all my natural tobacco leftovers mixed together in just a couple of pipes dating samuel gawith tins are hardly cleaned.

One of his pipes has the mouthpiece of some other pipe which is duct-taped more or less to the shank and the underside of another one bubbles up because it is almost burned through. And indeed, Dre showed me a billiard and some canadians which looked just fine. Dre asked a very friendly price and even threw in another pipe for free! Thanks very much Dre! The father of my friend is a happy man now.

Time for a drink! However, this year I was surprised by full, round tasting brew! With a smile I walked to Robbin, some weeks before the meeting I bought a straight Dunhill patent era prince from him for a very good price. He once bought the pipe from a man who turned out to be a swindler and that turned him off so much that he never smoked it.

I have no such problem with that pipe so Robbin brought it with him. Happily I filled my new acquisition with some tobacco and went outside. While silently cursing I took the pipe out of my mouth and inspected the damage, a piece of the lip had broken off.

The mouthpiece was already very thin by decades of buffing and my strong teeth did the rest. Frisian pipe maker Meindert saw me inspecting the damage and carefully took the pipe from my hands.

Just a couple of days before the meeting I received 2 sample tins from Elbert so the forum members could try the blend. I wanted to give a longer speech in which I explained and told about the new forum tobacco journey but sadly my throat I still was having a nasty cold.

So I decided to give a shorter version and let dating samuel gawith tins tobacco speak for itself. During the rest of the day I luckily got nothing but positive dating samuel gawith tins about Flatlander Flake, mission accomplished!

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