Chat room safety facts


Linking to a post or tweet you have commented on can lead directly back to your account. It's not uncommon for teens to make "friends" in chat rooms. You need to remember that people can pretend to be whoever they want to be online. Chat room safety facts [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

If you live in a small town, it's best to let people know the state you live in.


With the dangers of online predators growing you should take precautions now to find out if there is a problem before it's too late. Before You Chat When you participate in online chats, you will need to adhere to particular rules and etiquette guidelines. It is important to learn chat etiquette, especially if you want to make your chat experience more enjoyable. Entering a chat room When you first enter a chat room, it is a good chat room safety facts to say "Hello" to everybody. Take a while to observe how people interact in the chat room, before you take part in the conversation.

In a Chat Be careful of what you say in a chat. Because others can not hear your voice or see your face, it is possible that your comments can be misconstrued. Use "emoticons" and other chat expressions wherever possible.

If someone is annoying you, you can "Ignore" them. Every chat and instant messenger has an "Ignore" feature. If you don't know how to Ignore someone, read the chat's help feature.

Chat and Dating Meeting other singles via online dating can be a lot of fun. You should make sure that you are familiar with how to chat. Chatting on the Internet can happen in chat rooms, or via instant messenger programs.

When you chat online, you will need chat room safety facts use a "handle" or "nickname" to identify yourself.

Chat Room Safety Tips

You may also be asked to provide other details such as age, location, and interests. Providing this extra information is optional. Many people use chat rooms as a way to meet members of the opposite sex and chat room safety facts. It can be difficult to stay away from these people in chat rooms. It is generally safer to find a chat room with a purpose or topic.

Chat rooms with the word "chat" in their titles, like "teenchat," "chatmongers," or "nicechat," usually involve quite a bit of flirting or sexual talk. Once you admit to people in these types of chat rooms that you are female, you may start receiving private messages that are sexually explicit or harassing.

Chats with a purpose, such as chats about hobbies or computer games, are going to be a lot less harassing than a chat without a topic.

Staying safe in Chatrooms

Safety Tips Never say anything in a chat room that you would not say in public. Never give out personal information, like your name, home address, school address, where you'll be that afternoon, your telephone number, your personal email address give them a public addressor any other information that could help someone figure out your actual chat room safety facts or anyone else's.

See our article on Chat Room Security. Leave a chat immediately if someone makes you uncomfortable, starts asking you too many personal questions, is sexually explicit, or starts to harass you. Ignore invitations to chat privately with people you do not know. On IRC you can start your own chat room, or channel. You can even create a private channel that no one can see, so that you and your friends can chat in a private, harassment-free channel. You can create a password for your channel as well.

This means that you can create a chat room for you and your friends, and kick anyone out who joins in and acts in an women seeking elmira ny way. Choose your handle wisely. If you choose a female-sounding handle, like "Cindy64," you may be the target of unwanted behavior such as insults, sexual propositions, or even stalking.

If you choose a gender-neutral name, like "csx22," or "raver," it is likely that most people will assume you are male, depending on the chat room you are in. You can tell your real friends your nickname so they know who to look out for when they join the chatroom, but it helps keep your real life identity safe from anyone else around.

The most important of these is to never give out your personal details. This means no telling people your real name, even just your first name. If there is someone unsavoury in the chatroom, they can start to use your name to gain your trust. That might sound a bit odd, but if there is an adult in the chatroom who is trying to target young girls or boys, you are giving them the information they need. They only need a bit more information about you gleaned from your conversations in the chatroom for them to be able to identify you at school.

They might make out that they really like you and they want to chat to you in person. Keep your email address a secret.

But they might start sending you pictures that make you feel scared chat room safety facts uncomfortable. They could even chat room safety facts you a computer virus in the email.

Chat Room Dangers

Never ever send anyone your picture. This shouldn't be a problem because you won't give anyone your email address, will you? But, if for some reason you did give it out and you find someone is sending you emails with mean or rude pictures, don't open them and tell your parents immediately. Always stay in the public chatrooms. The public chatrooms have people in them.


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Chat room safety facts [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)