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Thanks to its proprietary technology and marketing expertise, Maktoob has firmly established its leadership position in this increasingly lucrative sector. However you can still send private messages. You can find many life partners, friends or dating opportunities on Chat Maktoob sites. I think Maktoob has great revenue potential for Yahoo. Chat maktoob room jordan [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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Thank you. Its an interesting deal in the Middle East. This is a great opportunity for Yahoo to build its ME presence. As of now there are no other big portals like Maktoob and Yahoo can actually leverage on this deal. Its going to be a blessing for the Industry because Yahoo is very unlikely to play chat maktoob room jordan with other dotcoms but will offer services at normal pricing model.

I think Maktoob has great revenue potential for Yahoo. You can see their revenue details and community growth from here:. Your industry partner in emerging technology research Learn More. November 12, at am.

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August 28, at am. On August 25, Yahoo! As the very first acquisition of a Middle East-based technology company by an American technology giant, this is nothing short of a sea change for the region. Overnight it has bolstered the region with instant credibility and given its entrepreneurs reason to hope that they too can succeed in creating companies.

Building Hope: What Yahoo!'s Acquisition of Means

The acquisition, in short, has fundamentally altered the technology landscape in the Middle East. In a day and age when business in the Middle East has become synonymous with Dubai, this story's genesis is found in the rocky crags of Jordan. Better known for Petra and the Dead Sea, Jordan has been the chat maktoob room jordan leading base for technology startups. While Dubai may boast of an Internet City, more of the region's startups were founded and operate in Jordan than anywhere else in the Middle East.

This can be owed in large part to investments made by King Abdullah II in the chat room sector. Amongst its peers, Jordan is the only Middle Eastern nation with a technology incubator and a fledgling technology ecosystem. This is nothing short of a coup; Jordan and the region's entrepreneurs are now in the spotlight.

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For Toukan the road to success has been considerably longer than overnight. He founded the company in when the Internet was still nascent in the Middle East.

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Originally founded as an Arabic online email service, over the past 12 years Maktoob. By any measure Maktoob. It is not surprising then that Maktoob.


However, what is surprising is that the acquisition happened now. If nothing else, the acquisition signifies that the Middle East has now for the first time become relevant in the eyes of American Internet giants, and with their attention, the region has become globally relevant for its technology-based entrepreneurship.

This significance has not been lost on Toukan. For him the acquisition signifies that "it's time to invest in the Arab world.

Chat maktoob room jordan [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)