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It was after school, you decided to do more work for your art course along with [friend's name] who offered to keep you company. I'll be there I'd a few moments Mells. Fix it. Death note chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

IHateLightImagay : You were born. Gun-lovin-chocoholic : Dude, I love this Shinigami. Why did you have to be the one to die? You are way better then Sidoh. TheMightyM : Haha! I just realized that Imagay is actually Yagami spelt backwards. Now I understand why you didn't complain about being handcuffed to L. IHazStrawberryCake Light-of-the-world12 : What the heck! I'm NOT gay!


Why does everyone always do that to my last name! I'm not the only person in the death note chat room with Yagami as their last name and you don't torment any of the others about it do you? TheMightyM : Me thinks you doth protest to much. Omg your on here to? N : Please stop talking. Your words makes me want to strangle myself. MrsLightYagami : Hey! Your just jealous that I have someone as amazing as my Light baby. N : I believe the term you are looking for is pity. Not jealous.

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TheMightyM : Well this got lame and boring fast Gun-lovin-chocoholic : Bring your laptop to my room quickly. I have a idea. ThemightyM : Done! I'll be there I'd a few moments Mells. IHateLightImagay : Misa, it is good to talk to you death note chat room. I have missed being your Shinigami. MrsLightYagami : Rem? Omg Rem! N has been logged out. IHazStrawberryCake : Near? KingofSheep has logged back on. KingofSheep : Sorry about that L. I believe I have been hacked though.

Light-of-the-world12 : King of Sheep?! That's so awesome! Who did that? TheMightyM : That would be me. Light-of-the-world12 : I take back every rude and cruel death note chat room I have ever thought about you and Mello after you ruined my plan to create a new earth. Light-of-the-world12 has been logged out.

ImLightandImagay has been logged back on. KingofSheep : That is amusing. IHazStrawberryCake : Boys. Fix it. TheMightyM : No way. Gun-lovin-chocoholic : Not a chance. Sorry L. GoddessOfTheNewWorld has logged on. Is anyone there? ImLightandImagay : Takada? Why is you screen name- ImLightandImagay : Don't finish that sentence. You know what? I'll be right back everyone.


ImLightandImagay has logged out. Light-of-the-world12 has logged back on. Light-of-the-world12 : Hello everyone, I'm back. I can't believe I didn't think about doing this before. TheMightyM : Such a spoilsport, death note chat room. Gun-lovin-chocoholic : No wonder Imagay has no friends. Light-of-the-world12 : Shut UP!

MrsLightYagami : Yeah, losers! Light-of-the-world12 : You three are really irritating. I can't believe you are actually successors. IHazStrawberryCake : Don't be grumpy just because they got you. Light-of-the-world12 : You shut up! I like them. Light-of-the-world12 : Seriously?! Hey Ryuk, help me out here! ApplesAreAwesome6 : Apples Light-of-the-world12 : Tch.

Typical Ryuk. Watari : All of you need to calm down or you are all kicked off of the chat room. Watari has been logged off. SniperDude has logged back on.

SniperDude : SniperDude? Who did this? TheMightyM : I did. Everyone on here has interesting nicknames and your practically the only person in Death Note other then me of course who is nothing but pure awesomeness so you need a equally as awesome nickname.

SniperDude He glanced over before blinking at email address. Watari-yeah-im-dead-at- nothingness Near's mouth opened slightly and he clicked on the link, waiting on bated breath to see the email message.

I hope to see you there! Watari" Near's jaw dropped. A message from Watari who was most definitely dead?! That was impossible Wasn't it? Prologue 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Domino7: Yeah I found this envelope addressed to Matt at the headquarters and it looks to be from a girl. Matt death note chat room you know her? GameBoy: Depends, whats the girls name? I looked her dating american guys name up and a few pictures and videos showed up.

Apparently she's a famous dancer, singer, and model in Romania. PotatoChipLuver: Death note chat room looked her up too, she looks cute.

How do you death note chat room her Matt? GameBoy: Well she- ChocolateBear: I would sooo go out with this chick she is sooo gorgeous and i love her fashion, she is clad in leather. GameBoy: Don't even think about it Mello. ChocolateBear: Why? GameBoy: Cause she is my little sister. I didn't know you had a little sister Matt. GameBoy: Yep, shes about a year younger than me, and went to study in Romania and became a big hit there, but we still keep in touch.

Matsui: Awe, well isn't that cute. You must care deeply for her. GameBoy: Yea, she was suppose to be coming back today and i gave her the chat-room location so everyone could meet her. Strawberry Well i look forward to meeting her. Maybe she could help with the Kira case.

Domino7: I look forward to meeting Matt's sister as well. ChocolateBear: I can't believe you never told me you had a sister Matt.


GameBoy: You never death note chat room. ChocolateBear: Well i could ask her about her cloths and where she gets them.

GameBoy: Actually Mello, she made them all by hand. PotatoChipLuver: Uh oh Matt did it now. Strawberry Matt telling Mello that was a bad move. I repeat, idiot GameBoy: Oops.

BlackKitten16 has logged on. BlackKitten Matt? GameBoy: Yea, KittyKat? BlackKitten Oh, I was just making sure I was on the right chat. And don't call me that. I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm BlackKitten And you wonder why you don't have a girlfriend. XD BlackKitten O. O Who are you?

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ChocolateBear: I'm Mello. Matt's roommate and best friend. BlackKitten OH, Matt's said lots about you.

He said you like guns, leather and chocolate. I made you some cloths, if you like i could give them to you when we meet. BlackKitten Well then ok. Who else is on that I should meet? Strawberry I'm L the greatest detective in the world. I like sweets and it's nice to meet you. I have some questions for you later.

BlackKitten OK. Domino7: My name is Near. I like toys. Domino7: What does that mean? BlackKitten It's Romanian. It means 'cute'. BlackKitten No problem, who else? PotatoChipLuver: I'm Light. Nice to meet you. BlackKitten Pleasure. Anyone else? Death note chat room My name is Matsuda, it's nice to get to meet Matt's sister.

You sound so nice. Hey KittyKat? BlackKitten Da? Yes GameBoy: Do you have a place to stay? BlackKitten No, I was hoping to stay with you and Mello if that's alright. ChocolateBear: Of course you can stay with us. I want to see just how good the leather cloths you made me are. Could you come help me with my things then?

ChocolateBear: Death note chat room lets go Matt. GameBoy: Alright, see you soon KittyKat. GameBoy has logged off. BlackKitten16 has logged off.

Death note chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)