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Get help. Forum — This forum is designed to help students learn English grammar and slang. Another important feature is the world news--there are news headlines with pictures on the site, and one can follow links to read full stories on the BBC, CNN or online newspaper websites. If you are interested , send me a whatsapp message Here's my number I believe my accent is not that bad. English club esl chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

As far as the teacher is concerned, it can be tough making sure that the students who are actually working are speaking correctly. The first mistake many teachers make when assigning pair work is letting students choose their pairs. If you know that two students are particularly good at conjugationit might be interesting to put them together so that they have a real challenge.

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While you should be wary of over-correcting and silencing a student, do wander the room, listening for errors that you know a student can correct him or herself. Then you can gently remind the student how to properly use that language. Not all classroom activities are designed for pair work. Here are 7 great ESL pair work activities english club esl chat room you can use in a variety of ways to english club esl chat room your students talking.

Investigative journalist is a classic pair work activity for a reason: it works! The basis of investigative journalist is for students to interview one another in pairs and present their findings. It can be used for groups at all skill levels from beginning to advanced, as long as you tailor it to their levels.

Beginners may do a simple version, asking their partners about their family structure, favorite colors and foods, pets and hobbies. A great way to prepare students for this versatile activity, no matter their level, is with authentic videos of English conversations. The FluentU videos are all organized free dating register level and come with interactive captions, flashcards and exercises to help students pick up new words as they watch.

Debate is another classic that can incorporate pair or group work, depending on the size of your class. Create groups and assign each group or pair a side of an argument. Use pair work time to allow students to develop their argument and conclude with a class-wide debate. Debate is made even more interesting when you present students with authentic materials to use as support for their claims.


Teach a class! Forum members can download free flashcards and post on topics ranging from English grammar and usage to studying and traveling abroad. English, Baby! Forum — This forum is designed to help students learn English grammar and slang. Students are also encouraged to ask questions and discuss various topics to improve english club esl chat room writing skills.

Members can discuss pronunciation, word usage, and other aspects of the English language. Members can also view a word of the day and play educational word games. Zozanga English Forum — The Zozanga English Forum is relatively new, but it offers a lot of discussion topics that would be of interest to students, including English grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, and word games.

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