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It was all so new to me! Also, try adding more antioxidants to your diet like green tea etc. Write to me at rohitsinghoffice at gmail dot com. But this is the only medium available to express yourself. I will have to broaden my search domain and look elsewhere. Jeevansathi chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

On one hand, I gained tremendous exposure to the world; on the other it raised my expectations from my future partner drastically. Unrealistic Expectations: A major problem tween — age women face today. Read more about the demands of the modern independent Indian woman here. Initially pulled in because of the music, I had also explored the world of partying long enough to have met the No. After having no success in finding a suitable partner in my immediate surroundings my academic setup, my circle of friends and my work environment I had three realizations I wondered.

Just like most other things in my life, my first instinct was to find the answers in books. I chose to swap lofty ideals of love and upbeat optimism of rom-coms with a solid reality check. My curiosity took me to shopping malls, bookstores, gyms, etc. Call me desperate, but I was really really curious to see if the tips and tricks in these books would work! I mean what was I thinking! Acknowledging that I would have an arranged marriage was the hardest part. Almost like the death of hope.

I know it sounds dramatic, but that is how I had felt at that time. But, I told myself that if Jeevansathi chat room could look for a job, a university, even a house online then I should definitely try my luck at a matrimonial websites. I felt that it was just an alternate medium of search; only the platform was different from physical search.

A close friend of mine took 6 months to gather the courage to set up her online profile. I used to chide her, encourage her without any success. But now I know for sure that it is much better to start the search when one is internally ready for it. That way, you are doing yourself and everyone else a favor. But this is the only medium available to express yourself. If you have a problem in expressing yourself through the written word…then sadly, you are at a great disadvantage. It shows lack of self-awareness and really does nothing for the reader; who has no other way to form a first impression about you.

You may be a wonderful human being but the person looking at your profile may just move on to a more detailed jeevansathi chat room specifc description. You can ask a jeevansathi chat room who knows you well enough to write for you. I have edited the profiles of many of my good friends. I would also be happy to help you, if possible.

You need to be in good shape. It is a whole different discussion, but it is very important, jeevansathi chat room. It cannot be stressed enough. I personally know of many people who would be dating for sick people great match for one of my friends, but I held myself back from suggesting them because of weight issues.

It jeevansathi chat room very sad and it breaks my heart. And the same goes for other problems that can be solved, like skin issues.


Please see a doctor. No excuses. People you call friends and family may be too nice to say it to your face, but you do need to sort out these two issues. Bad skin and excessive weight definitely create road blocks on your way to marriage.

At this point, we can get into an ethical discussion about how beauty is not skin deep and physical appearance is superficial. No one will look at physical aspects in jeevansathi chat room age? People will look worse at age 50 or There are more important things like respect, care, loyalty, trust, etc. NO excuses! Also, it really will make you healthier and it jeevansathi chat room for your own good.

You feel amazed at how detailed the profile needs you to be. You do some thinking, some soul searching. You even manage to write about what you want from your future partner. You get some interests but they are not the kind of people you were expecting.

Feeling excited, you scroll through a few. You have to put in the hours to look through ALL the pages, not just a few profiles, if you are really serious about this. If I remember correctly, the profile of my husband was on the 16 th page of my search results.

Forgetting that this is real life, even if the medium is virtual is a common mistake beginners make. A few weeks later you realize that the people YOU liked have not replied. Maybe they are of the superstitious kind and will log in only after a certain date like lohri or holi etc.

Why are they keeping you waiting!? You believed that one out of the three people YOU liked will jeevansathi chat room your interest. If that had been the case, jeevansathi chat room your odds were seriously that good, chances are that you would have already found that one person in college or through common friends or at work.

But probably, that ratio is not going to english chat room skype for you. I went through a similar experience and I had no major luck for 5 weeks into the process.

It felt so weird and artificial! Some people have a list of specific questions and some people just like to talk in general to get a sense of how they feel. The first call I attended was of a very practical, mature and frank person.

He had his questions ready. It was all so new to me! Since no one I liked had responded to me, I became disinterested. Usually quick to jump to conclusions, I lost faith in this method entirely. I stopped logging in. Now, I was guilty of keeping interested people waiting!

Was it one to 50? One to ? This filled me with fresh enthusiasm. I accepted the challenge of sorting through the profiles on my own and spent time on it daily after work. Most profiles were either too unrealistic, filmy like a Bollywood romance or too factual like a resume! I took over charge jeevansathi chat room my parents and personally read through those profiles.

After shortlisting many profiles and sharing the shortlisted profiles with my parents, I sent out about interests. In the next two weeks, I got a total of 30 replies. Either ways, it was very irritating to be left jeevansathi chat room the dark by such people.


Needless to say, my feelings of congeniality towards such people declined steadily as time went by. I stopped putting people on hold.

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Some of these were people who I had actually liked and I had hoped that they would respond positively. It felt bad. I also felt that it was unfair. That really makes you wonder why the other person said no.

Jeevansathi chat room can be so many reasons, that it is a waste of time to even try thinking about it. In hindsight, I thank those people who did not keep me waiting. They did me a favor after all.


Did it help their case? Not one bit. Instead, try to imagine this: you are a famous celebrity and you want to meet your co-star who is at the other end of the hall. But your path is blocked by fans obstacles that adore you and want to talk to you. This approach helped me get through. Do you have a similar analogy jeevansathi chat room helps you get through?

Ans: Yes, you can choose to keep the same Phone number if you have registered profiles for more than one member in the family. Ques 6: How soon will my profile be visible in the search list? Ans: All profiles registered on the site undergo a basic screening of content and photographs, post which it is made visible and searchable on the site.

This process may take up to 24 hours. If any trouble occurs, contact on Jeevansathi Customer Care Number. Please make sure to verify the Phone number as prompted on the page. Ques 8: I am unable dating sites for sick people verify the Phone number, what should I do?

You can also call the Jeevansathi Customer Care Number from your registered phone number that is Toll Free or Jeevansathi Customer Care Services. It is one of the brilliant classified corporations where you can at any time at anywhere make your jeevansathi chat room for free and registration is all done. If you be part of jeevansathi. Now the site is also introducing new features like updates of real time profiles and more personalized search for each profile.

In fact there is no need to be tensed for, as Jeevansathi is completely secure and allows you to make payment with secure gateways and your credit card details are also not saved. Someone said: Yes I wii help you. Was this comment helpful?

Someone said: i have membership. No, unfortunately not. You cannot chat with the girls on the site without registering. I can provide any jeevansathi profile contact details for rupees. Contact at cetonprojects at gmail for com with their Profile ID.

I can provide the contact of any Jeevansathi Profile at small cost on Paytm Write to me at rohitsinghoffice at gmail dot com. Anonymous 0. Plz any jeevansathi paid member who can give me contact details of this id zzxr we both have accepted interest but unable to connect. I can provide the contact of Jeevansathi at nominal cost Hi there you cannot chat with the girls on the site without registering.

Add Your Answer How to chat with the registered member in jeevansathi. Anonymous "I am a registered member? Where is chat option? I am unable jeevansathi chat room findI am a registered member? Live chat option in jeevansathi, jeevansathi chat room. This discussion closely relates to:. I want to chat free with girls on jeevansathi.

Please advice? Free Chat with girls on jeevansathi. I want to chat with zxxx please tell me hoew to chat with this jeevansathi chat room

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