Soulja boy chat room


Everything is going digital: ringtones, movies, videos, games. The tools give their condolences which adds to the lulz. Not to mention that there is no comment limit. A generation of year-olds on the bar-mitzvah circuit breathlessly await your response. Soulja boy chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Soulja changed the climate of hip-hop, and shaped the convergence between internet culture and mainstream success that is so prominent today.


For decades to come, we will see the effect of his music rivulet down through generations of rappers. So despite Nass premonitions, and the spite of the hip-hop community, Souljaboytellem. Posted by Henry Owens. Upfront: Danger Incorporated are the next wave Awful Records continue to redefine the Atlanta sound with their latest signing Music. Older Posts. Read Full Article. Twitter Facebook Instagram Soulja Boy. You may also like.

Soulja Boy Starts A Chat Room! SOULJA CHAT! SODMG CHAT!

What to Read Next. The runner will return to retail shelves later this month. We do not forget. Expect us. A half ape, half human creature devolved from chimpanzees, who eats fried chicken, watermelon, and collared greens, write songs about raping white woman and stealing welfare checks from grandmothers Niggers are lazy, dumb, and worst of all smell after taking a shower. Within minutes you will have 10 friend requests.


You can ask any nigga for his password and email and they will give it you without hesitation. Soulja boy's site also contains a forum where 13 year olds go on and brag about the amount pussy they have gotten in there lives.


Just like the chatroom this forum is an easy place to score some lulz as it is full of camwhoring niggers and little kids bragging about the size of their dick. Not to mention that there is no comment limit.

Something to do here is make an account with the swastika as it's avatar and insult everybody you see most commonly 16 year old cam whores. This will result in angry comments and death soulja boy chat room from their internet boyfriends, a. Spamming swf videos as comments can cause browsers to crash, making profiles and forum pages unusable.

The chat room has a comment section underneath it as well.

Facebook Isn’t Working, But Soulja Boy’s App Is

There is also a group section which contains groups about anti racism and Obama. The music section of the forums can be trolled by saying that soulja boy chat room are a fan of country music or metal. The day Michael Jackson died all hail heart attack a bunch of naggers got ass hurt and started crying. Obviously Michael Jackson is more important to them than finding out who their babies daddy or momma is.

Soulja boy chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)