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Welcome to the group text -TO How do I get out?! Tony: I don't know, think of something! Prev 1 2 Next. Marvel chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Tony: What? Bruce: Don't pick a fight, Tony. Jack of the Irons has started a chatroom. Jack of the Irons has changed his marvel chat room to Tony. Can't you see I'm busy? Thor: Rude. Tony: Butt out, sparky.

You making Thor an admin and not telling me. Starting fights. Steve: Started what? Tony: What the heck is. Your husband, Steve Rogers, the Captain America, smiled at you, blue eyes filled with love and joy, and even possibly a hint of excitement at what was to come. You smiled at each other, the family that the two of you had longed for was finally a reality, and you couldn't have been happier.

You giggled softly with a nod, sitting up and gently passing the baby girl over to Steve, and he took her into his arms, his eyes lighting up with joy as he l. Time moved slowly as Chrom raced forward to strike the final blow. You wanted it gone forever You were afraid. Afraid of what might happen after you were gone.

Afraid of what your comrades would think of what you've done. The sense that death would swallow you whole; that it would never allow any piece of your memory to remain in anyone's mind. A dark power formed around your raised. View Gallery. Tony has logged on. Steve has logged on. Thor has logged on. Natasha has logged on. Clint has logged on. Bruce has logged on. Loki has logged on. Who has more muscles?

Thor: Loki: That was uncalled for. Clint: I still think she should dress up as me. And yes, I know it's about three weeks late! I'd like to apologize for that. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy!

It's officially ! We have to choose some New Year's resolutions! Clint: ugh Loki: Seriously? Steve: Yeah, no problem. Clint: I ship it Clint has single thai ladies in england temporarily banned from the chat. Tony: Lol! Tony: lol Tony: jealous:Tony has been temporarily banned from the chat. Loki: Bitch. Just one. Clint has logged.

Well, right now, it's January 5th, so I'm pretty late Oh, and before I forget! Back in Avengers Chatroom 7, I made a Star Trek reference, and offered a shoutout for the people who understood it. I got so many comments! Tony : Loki Problem Tony : Yes Natasha : Actually, Is that you make it? Loki : You still is a girl Steve : So who did it? You made the Stark Tower become frozen!! Bruce has logged on Bruce : Finally!! Avengers Chatroom - 16 Avengers x Reader Tony has logged on.

Tony: Okay, I'm really bored. Clint: Same. Tony: Who wants to do shots? Tony: Yeah? Tony: Marvel chat room up. Clint: Haha, it's her time of the month, isn't it? Natasha: Do you want a broken nose? Thor: Give them back! Tony: Pretty good. I could go for a cheeseburger, though. Can't live without them, can you? Tony: Ever since getting held hostage at that Iranian camp?

I love American food even more. Tony: Strangely enough, no. It's been eerily quite from their end. I'm sure a storm of trouble is brewing, though.

Tony: I fear for everyone's livelihoods. Tony: When is he not? He's like a neglected child seeking attention from his mommy and daddy. Tony: Well, that explains everything. Taking over the world isn't the way to go about it, though.

Maybe he should become a Youtube? I hear. Tony: Oh, you know. Experiments gone wrong, of course! Tony: S-science And all this time I thought I was a genius, marvel chat room. Avengers x reader chat: Spiders Avengers x reader chat part 2 Tony Admin opened a chat. Tony Admin invited Clint to the chat. Tony Admin invited Natasha to marvel chat room chat. Tony Admin invited Bruce to the chat. Tony Admin invited Steve to the chat.

Tony Admin invited Thor to the chat. Bruce joined the chat. Tony: Hi science bro Bruce: Is there a reason? Tony: Must there be a reason? Bruce: You alright? Steve: Who just screamed like they saw a ghost? Tony: I. View More. Clint: am I wrong? Bucky: this find friends facebook app be good Clint: so marvel chat room agree that she's mentally ill?

Bucky: well I can't say, with complete confidence, that she's totally normal Tony: Ooooh!! Dude did you seriously just insult your girlfriend? Tony: she's doing what lots of young women do when they have a crush on Mr. Yeah, there was an old TV show about the Avengers, but I haven't seen it yet.

Wait, there was also a cartoon show about the Avengers as well. Haven't seen that either, so I don't know which one lol. I mean, I wouldn't be too scared of Loki, Bruce, or Bucky. Me too. It wasn't exactly him during those mission reports. I wish I can be there to just give him a hug. Well Tony is just now starting to build a conscience and trying to take responsibility in his life.

I am still Team Cap as well. Remember when Tony told Steve that him and Pepper are on a break?


It was because of the times Tony was being, no offense, marvel chat room little reckless, with all of his suits, putting his life and others' at risk, Ultron, and so on. He didn't want to lose marvel chat room, so they decided to take some time from each other. Yeah but hopefully they start to get along since Sebastian signed up for 9 movies and has 6 to go so maybe and he will be in infinity wars did u hear what is gonna happen to Steve? I won't spoil it if u didint but I might not servive infinity wars I'll be surprised if I make it past part oneXD.

Wait, what is going to happen to Steve?? Wait, please don't tell me he is going to die!! Femdenmark92 Featured By Owner Jan 25, This had me belly laughing! And this is my second time through Totally yours, GG.

Oh my god! That was brilliant. But I feel bad for Fury he was only asking a question. Signal the Alarm Tony!! Ash Featured By Owner Sep 29, I stifling giggles to make sure my mum dont come and tell me to get off XD. Prev 1 2 Next. Tony has started a chatroom.

Tony: Okay Tony: Of Marvel chat room Yeah, we all are. He's going to kill me! Loki: Where ARE you?! Steve: Are you still mad about the 'Rudolph' thing? Loki: You're next. Steve: I'll take that as a licking older women Bruce: So where is everyone hiding? Tony: in the kitchen Natasha: not saying Steve: in the training room Bruce: Clint, where are you hiding?

Clint: I'm not hiding I'm lurking Natasha: You're in the vents again, aren't you? Clint: Dammit Natasha! Natasha: lol Fury has logged on.

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Fury has been marvel chat room off the chat. Thor: Right. Bruce: Tony why are you banging your head on the table? Tony: because I'm bored. Tony: I don't know, think of something! Tony: Oh that's a great idea!! Bruce: What is? Tony has sent a private message to Bruce. Bruce: Oh that'll be funny. Clint: Well can you tell the rest of us?

Tony has sent a private message to Thor, Loki, Clint, and Natasha. Tony: C'mon Steve, I have something. Avengers Chatroom - 4 Avengers x Drunk! Tony: Guys, I made cupcakes! I love cupcakes! You said yourself that you're a horrible cook. Tony: This time I made it from a box mix. Where are they? Tony: In the kitchen. Guys, try some. Clint: These are awesome! Bruce: Yeah!


Tony: Vodka. Clint: Oh, that's just great. Loki: Is that why I feel funny? Natasha: Wait, are we all gonna get drunk now? Tony: Yup. Avengers Chatroom - 5 Avengers x Reader Tony has logged on. Clint: Thor, how many times do we have to tell you about caps lock?! Thor: What is wrong? Tony: Okay, anything that scares Loki should also scare everyone else.

Steve: Tony, stop talking. Tony: Make me, Capsicle. Bruce: Guys! Maybe we should actually listen to what he has to say. Tony: Okay, fine. What's wrong. Clint: What? Clint: Okay, what's marvel chat room happening?

Tony: lol! I know what's going on! Avengers Chatroom - 6 Avengers x Reader Tony has logged on. Tony: Nope. Just bored. Thor: OOPS. But something weird is happening. Bruce: And what's that? Then there were two, then four, then eight, and now I have a box of 16 kittens on the side of the road. Tony: So what, you don't like kittens? And I'm not sure marvel chat room I should do with a box of exponenti. Avengers Chatroom - 8 Avengers x Reader Tony has logged on. Tony: You didn't even know what I was gonna say!

Steve: Oh. Tony: WHY?! Sort Default Recent Trending. Fiction Fanfiction Quizzes Tests.

If the avengers had a group chat

With reader inserts, and some mild shipping. You will be warned as you read them. There will be 10 chatrooms in total for now, and I might add more if I feel like it marvel chat room. After Endgame, I think all of us need something light. So this is just for fun, Add to library 1, Discussion Browse more Humor Fanfiction. What happens when you -a very skilled hacker- creates a Chatroom full of superheroes and super villains? Check to find out What would happen if you and the rest of the Avengers started a chatroom?

Avengers x reader insert - Something that I can keep going back to when I think of random scenarios to type in 'chatroom' form xP Different relationships may be added, for e.

I may take marvel chat room requests. I do not own any pictures except the book cover, unl Tony Stark thinks it is a great idea to make an avengers chatroom! Stupidity, chaos and drama shall arise.

Marvel chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)