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But given the list of reddit chat rooms is still in beta, there is room for improvement and growth based on a wider range of feedback. Reddit members with access to the chat beta will see a Rooms tab in their Chat inbox. This section will list all room invitations, joined rooms, and a Recommended section based on subreddit subscriptions. There are public and private rooms, the latter of which are invite-only and invisible to everyone not on the invitation list. Public rooms are accessible by all Reddit members.

Moderators can create as many chat rooms as they want. They also have the ability to kick and ban users, lock a room to prevent a flood of messages, mute specific users, remove messages, run bots, and more. Each chat room can play host to 20, participants and will store posted messages for 14 days. After that, all messages are deleted and unrecoverable. Of course, there are a few community-focused rules.

Over the last year, Reddit member Ityoclys, the individual manning the feedback position, says he learned a few things about conversing with other humans in a real-time chat.


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Reddit expands chat rooms to more subreddits

You can see list of reddit chat rooms many people are in the room and scroll up to read the last 14 days of chat history. Reddit started beta-testing subreddit-based chat with zero chat history, but expanded it when people complained it was impossible to start conversations. The chat icon lights up in orange when there are new messages in a chat you've joined, and Reddit is working to build in notifications for mentions. Alex Le, Reddit's VP of product, says community chat serves a different function than Reddit's comment threads.

He points to sports subreddits, many of which already hack together semi real-time threads for game days. A conversation like that might be better suited for a chatroom, while Reddit's archived content—long stories, discussions, AMAs—might be better served by the comment format.


Chat also changes the nature of conversations on Reddit. Reddit's chatrooms come at a time when the platform is struggling to tame some of the content on its platform. Earlier this month, List of reddit chat rooms co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman told a user that hate speech itself isn't explicitly against Reddit's rules—it's simply too hard to determine what qualifies and what doesn't.

Some moderators say they're already struggling to keep their subreddits civil. The idea of managing a room of thousands of people all talking over one another on charged topics has made some want to steer clear of community chat altogether.

Reddit's product team says they haven't actually seen more trolling or bad behavior in their early tests with community chat.

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There was spamming and a spattering of inappropriate remarks. But within a couple of hours, it went away. The offending comments disappeared in the chat history and people started having normal, civilized conversations.

Worry not; if you have an itch to converse with internet strangers, there are plenty of ways to find interesting chat rooms right now. Click on any chat room to view its full name—if its truncated in the sidebar—as well as its description. Click join room to start chatting.

Chat room settings

Otherwise, you can check to see if a subreddit has an active chat room by scrolling down a bit and looking at its right-hand sidebar. You can read more about them here. Custom regex rules advanced Here, you can create regex rules to automatically block specific messages from your rooms. Link domains With this tool, you have the option to: Allow all domains, Allow links to approved domains, Block links to banned domains, Or block all domains.

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