Sex and dating after 60


Of course we know this from our teenage years! Are you afraid you will let down your guard? Mary DeBoer-Payne. However, if the relationship is wonderful - marriage ensues. Here are a few ideas to help you get the hang of dating after Sex and dating after 60 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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October 29, Lucie Thibault. Penny Laing. Diane Marshall. Tessa Crockett. And of course there are many many much younger men who want us as well. Mary DeBoer-Payne. Kathy Howland.

First of all u have to find out where all the men are hiding! February 15, Maureen Davies. I can only say that dating over 60 is great if you have a special person in your life.


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Dating Over 60: What do Single Men Over 60 Really Want? Lisa Copeland's Interview

Christine Howard. Out where I live the men my age generally look like Rip Van Winkle. Not very motivating. Sex should be spontaneous and sex and dating after 60. No embarrassing, serious talks… relax, put on some soft music, have a little wine and let your bodies take over. Excellent response Joan. Sex is very meaningful or just fun or both, depending on what we bring to it. We put so many expectations and rules on it that we drive away the spontaneity.

Of course, we should be prepared with condoms, etc. My plug here for the Female Condom FC2. I say all that with awareness that many more women than men carry wounds of childhood sexual abuse and continued abuse in adulthood. Those wounds easily become re-irritated. Men need to be much more sensitive to the responses of the partner. I am 65 year old womani have BF in one of on line dating. A cardiologist is the best dating intro to consult, but in most instances, the answer is yes.

So are there some problems or issues that need to be addressed with regard to older adults and sexuality? You bet. The first one, already mentioned, is the dramatically rising rate of STDs in men and women over 60—they don't practice safe sex!

Why not? If their partner was faithful, there was no need to use condoms. Guess what?

Will you still date me when I'm 64?

They both get and pass on STDs. Talk about role reversal! But if you think or know that Mom or Dad is planning to become sexually active, it may be appropriate to bring up the topic. How do you do it? Well, ver-r-r-y carefully. Well, I need to have the same conversation with you.

Expert Tips on Dating and Sex After 60

Here's an article that talks about STDs and older adults—you might want to read it. Again, I'm not making any judgments about whether you are or are not planning to become sexually active.

I just wanted to make sure you take care of yourself, whatever you choose. What if Mom or Dad is living independently and dating—or has an ongoing relationship with a new partner?

This one from Rodale's is worth the splurge. Sex becomes more about the journey and less about the destination. Even couples with a fantastic sex life can benefit from taking time to tease out pleasure —especially if they're long-time partners.

But communication is sex and dating after 60. Nest empty?

Dating after 60

Go ahead and have that midday laundry room romp. You're freer to explore new times and locations for sex now that there are fewer demands on your schedule and people in your house. No more hushed sessions behind closed doors after the kids are in bed—sex can be where and when the mood strikes. Some want friendship-not sex. Some want sexand lots of it. Gloria Steinem refers to them as 'the Viagra-crazed seventy-year-olds. Most men over 60 need some help in this department.


Those who are unwilling to make this a priority before marriage will most certainly not do so after. I call this the credible introduction. Many religious organizations sponsor senior singles clubs. You can meet people at work, whether paid or volunteer. I urge all 'mature' singles to just get out there!

You won't meet anyone sitting in front of your television set.

Sex and dating after 60 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)